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Dear Hungry Girl,

When I measure out a half cup of ice cream, should I pack down the ice cream tightly or put it lightly in the cup?

Ice Cream Queen
Dear Ice Cream Queen,

Great question!  So great, in fact, that I felt the need to experiment and find out the answer for myself.  The results were slightly depressing.  A pint of ice cream does not hold 4 tightly packed servings.  The serving size listed on ice cream carton refers to lightly packed ice cream.  Waaaaah!  I know it's tempting to count your tightly packed 1/2 cup of ice cream as one serving, but don't do it! (And unfortunately, now that you've read this, ignorance is no longer a valid excuse.)  When you're scooping out ice cream, spoon out around 1/4th of the carton if it's a pint, and 1/16th of the carton if it's a half gallon.  If you think that sounds like an impossible task, opt for a diet-friendly individually-wrapped single serving frozen treat.  Some of my favorites are No Pudge Giant Strawberry Shortcake Bars, Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and Healthy Choice No Sugar Added Fudge Bars. Yum!

Hey, Hungry Girl!

I need to know some foods that are rich in iron.  Can you help me?

In Need of Iron
Dear In Need,

Iron is a vital for important stuff like carrying oxygen through the blood, getting rid of carbon dioxide, maintaining a healthy immune system, and converting food into energy.  If you're not getting enough of it, chances are you're feeling sluggish and lethargic.  In fact, a lack of iron can result in anemia.  The best sources of iron are animal products like shrimp, beef, chicken and fish. While soy, nuts, eggs, legumes and veggies also contain iron, it's a version of the mineral that's harder for the body to absorb.  Vegetarians who rely on these foods for iron may want to pair them with foods rich in Vitamin C (broccoli, oranges, lemons & tomatoes are a few good sources). Vitamin C helps the body absorb all forms of iron more easily.  If all this yapping about iron-packed foods is making you hungry, get your daily dose by ordering shrimp and veggies from your favorite Chinese take-out place. (Pssst -- get the sauce on the side and go easy on the oil!)

Today, March 9th, is National Crabmeat Day. Crabmeat is low in fat,high in protein and delicious!  Check out this recipe for 71-calorie Crabmeat Crepes.
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