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Dear Hungry Girl,

When I go to out to restaurants, most of them don't offer nonfat salad
dressings.  And, if they do, they rarely have the nutritional info
available.  Any ideas?

Dressing Dilemma
Dear Dressing Dilemma,

Salad dressing is something I never EVER take chances with. Nutritionals vary so much, even with completely fat free dressings.  When I dine out,  I  bring my own dressing.  No, I'm not suggesting you lug a big bottle of salad dressing around in your purse (how embarrassing!).  Bring packets.  My favorite place to snag cute little purse-friendly dressing packets is  This cool company sells individually-sized packs of every condiment known to man -- including fat-free and light salad dressings.  From Thousand Island and Ranch, to Italian and Vinaigrette, Minimus has got you (and your salad) covered.  Their other on-the-go & travel size items are handy and adorable, too. (You may actually faint from all the cuteness.  Not kidding.)  I also buy dressing packets from Girards...they have AWESOME fat free dressings.  Good luck!

Dear Hungry Girl,

I love your site and all of your recommendations.  I'm just wondering
why some of the foods you mentioned in the new Your Diet Magazine
article you wrote aren't guilt-free foods.  Please explain.

Wondering in Washington

Dear Wondering,

  Thank you!  And good question!  People need to splurge every now and then.  It's a fact.  Lucky for us, many companies are now putting out single-serving size treats that are not completely insane in the calorie and fat department.  I decided to find a whole slew of them that I enjoy.  So, for the article, I mentioned things I normally wouldn't write about -- like stuffed potatoes, brownie cheesecake, ravioli, chocolate-covered bananas and more.  All of these foods are now available in single serving sizes and if you eat just one portion (sorry, just ONE), they won't completely wreck your diet.  I thought they were worth mentioning.  Hope you liked the piece!

Today, March 16th, is National Artichoke Heart Day.  A medium artichoke has just 25 calories, no fat and 2g of fiber.  Steam one & dip it in salsa!
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