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Dear Hungry Girl,

What do you know about the new Lean Cuisine Spa meals?  Have you tried them?  They look goooood.  And are there any other frozen meals you like?

Frozen Meal Fanatic
Dear Fanatic,

I love, love, LOVE the new Lean Cuisine whole grain meals.  A lot.  They're high in fiber, low in fat and calories, and they taste great.  As a matter of fact I wrote a column about these spa meals for iVillage.  Click here to read it.  In a nutshell, they rock!  My personal faves are the Chicken in Peanut Sauce and the Mediterranean Chicken.  Yum!  As for other frozen meals?  I'm a fan of Gardenburger's new line.  Especially their riblets.  And Amy's Organic makes some pretty fantastic stuff as well.  Hungry Girl Warning: Many frozen meals are majorly in sodium, so be careful if you're watching your salt intake.   

Dear Hungry Girl,

I am so confused!  I love fruit...especially grapes and apples.  I used to eat them all day long but now I've been told to only eat two servings a day and never past noon.  Do you agree with this?

-Fruit Fan in Ft. Lauderdale
Dear Fruit Fan,

First off, I want to make this very clear:  Fruit is good for you.  It's low in fat and calories, and full of nutrients.  But fruit does contain lots of natural sugars. Eating these sugars in moderation will not negatively impact your diet.  Eating fruit in excess, though, can cause a rise in your blood sugar levels.  That rise causes insulin to spike, which can make you feel hungry again quickly, and trigger your body to hang on to fat. (Yikes to both!)  Rest assured, an apple or a bunch of grapes is a healthy and delicious snack.  Keep chewing them guilt-free.  And eating more than two servings of fruit a day is fine -- just try not to eat 4 apples or a pound of grapes all at once.  Hungry Girl Tip: Certain fruits cause more of a rise in blood sugar than others.  Peaches, pears, apples and plums cause little rise, while tropical fruits like pineapple, papaya and bananas cause a larger rise.  As far as when you should eat your fruit, most experts believe it doesn't matter what time you have it.  An apple or an orange is a much better choice than a brownie or cookie -- any time of day.  Fruit it up!

Today, March 23rd, is National Chip & Dip Day.  Chew on some diet-friendly baked chips from Guiltless Gourmet!  Top them with our dip of choice, salsa! 
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