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Your New On-The-Go Breakfast!
Your New On-The-Go Breakfast!
Luna Bars for Breakfast?!

Luna-tics, this is your lucky day!  Now you have an excuse to gobble up a Luna bar early in the AM.  These brand new offerings from our friends over at Luna target women on the run who tend to do the "grab 'n go" breakfast thing (56% of women), or skip it altogether (about 33% of women).  Luna Sunrise bars come in three yummy flavors -- Blueberry Yogurt,  Strawberries  & Crème and Vanilla Almond.  Need more reasons to chew 'em? These 180-calorie fiber-packed bars contain no artificial sweeteners,  trans-fat, or high-fructose corn syrup, and are packed with whole grains.  They're also high in calcium and protein.  (Pssst-- we sampled these bars and they taste great!)

Do Fruit & Fiber Keep You Thin?

Eat fruit, stay slim?!  Researchers at the University of Southern California say so!  They compared the diets of normal-weight and overweight adults and found that the thinner people ate more fruit and high-fiber foods than the overweight ones.  The interesting part is that the diets of the overweight men and women contained more total fat & fewer complex carbs (like the ones found in fruit), but not necessarily more food.  These differences could be key in avoiding or causing obesity.  There's lots of speculation about these findings, but the jury's still out on exactly why fruit and fiber appears to keep people thinner.  In any case, it looks like an apple a day, may actually keep the doctor and the pounds away.

Get Fruity & Fit!
Get Fruity & Fit!
Jazzy New Soda From Pepsi!
Jazzy New Soda From Pepsi!
Cool New Stuff...

Pepsi Jazz - Keep an eye out for Pepsi Jazz, Pepsi's brand new indulgent soda line.  This zero-calorie beverage will come in flavors like Black Cherry French Vanilla and Strawberries & Cream.


Quaker New Chewy 90 Calorie Granola Bars - With half the fat of their regular granola bars, these 90-calorie snack bars are an awesome option for smart-snackers. They come in five flavors -- Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin, Cinnamon Sugar, Baked Apple, and Honey Nut.


Blow Pop Minis - Love lollipops but hate sticks?  Now you can get your Blow Pop candy 'n gum fix and save trees, too.  These stick-less treats are also smaller than regular Blow Pops and therefore contain fewer calories and less sugar.  Weeeee!

The Buzz...

Soon you'll see even MORE healthy fruits 'n veggies being peddled by SpongeBob SquarePants.  Once used to only promote Pop Tarts and other unhealthy treats, the sea creature has really changed his tune.  If he keeps it up he'll soon be SpongeBob RectanglePants...Nice work, Nickelodeon!  ***New research shows that women who work long hours often overeat.  Sure high stress jobs and hard work can lead to mindless munching, but they don't have to.  HG recommends keeping healthy snacks like fresh fruit or low-cal, indulgent portion-controlled treats close by.   ***Want to sign a petition urging Congress to make it a requirement for restaurants to provide nutritional info? Click here immediately!  That's all we've got.  HG out!

Remember, it's still July Belongs to Blueberries Month.  So stock up on these little antioxidant-packed critters!  Pssst...they're AWESOME frozen!


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