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Mooooving Out of Stores
Mooooving Out of Stores
Skinny Cow Slims Ice Cream Offerings

Over the past few months we've received dozens of emails from people asking about the fate of Skinny Cow ice cream cartons.  We regret to inform you that the chilling rumors are true -- the company has stopped producing their 56 oz. ice cream products.  Ice Cream Specialists (yes, that's their actual title) at Dreyer's, the parent company of Skinny Cow, have little to say about this, other than "usually, when items are discontinued it's due to a lack of sales."  There you have it.  The good news is, Skinny Cow's famous ice cream sandwiches are as popular as ever, and are not in danger of being discontinued,  FYI, many stores still have containers of Skinny Cow in stock, so if you're a fan, run out and grab some before they're gone forever.
Show Me The Yummy!

Expo West was held this past weekend in Anaheim, California.  The three day foodfest featured hundreds of companies showcasing their latest and greatest natural food products.   For us, the highlights included sampling Boca's brand new (coming soon) formula for their Chick'n Patties (they'll be crispier and even more delicious!), checking out Amy's Organics soon-to-be released Mediterranean cornmeal crust pizza,  chewing the new Gardenburger Wraps we wrote about a few weeks ago (the Sundried Tomato Basil is out of this world!), and seeing former Home Improvement cutie, Taran Noah Smith (who played little Mark Taylor), all grown up promoting Play Food, his brand new restaurant and cheese line.  We found dozens of amazing new food finds that we'll be sharing with you over the next few months.  Promise!
Expo West = a Food Extravaganza!
Expo West = a Food Extravaganza!
30? 60? 90? Make Up Your Mind!
30? 60? 90? Make Up Your Mind!
Exercise Guidelines Changing Again?

A few weeks ago it was reported that the government's new exercise guidelines will recommend that Americans exercise 60 - 90 minutes per day. Now they'd like to clarify.  They say 30 minutes of exercise per day is enough to ward off chronic disease.  60 minutes per day is required to prevent unhealthy weight gain, and 60 - 90 minutes of physical activity is what's needed to keep off recently lost weight.  All of this sounds very confusing to us.  We know exercise is good, but being asked to exercise for and hour or an hour and a half per day, almost every day, seems unrealistic.  Our advice?  Don't let the new recommendations scare you so much that you don't exercise when you can't get the full 60-90 minutes in.  Even 20 minutes a day is better than nothing.
Bowling: It's Getting Even More Delicious!

Ok, so maybe it never actually WAS delicious, but the latest trend in bowling may change that. Scented bowling balls are all the rage.  Available in over 100 flavors, including Grape, Pina Colada, Banana and Cinnamon Apple, these balls, made by Storm, are becoming insanely popular.  Do they make you bowl better?  Relax you?  Distract other bowlers?  All of the above, apparently.  Some find the scents inspiring...others claim they're soothing, and some bowlers insist their fragrant balls make their opponents lose concentration, causing them to bowl worse (an added bonus).   In any case, these bowling ball aromas are WAY better than the smells we usually associate with the sport -- sweaty feet, cigarettes and beer.  Ew!
Scratch 'n Sniff (Ummm...Kidding!)
Scratch 'n Sniff (Ummm...Kidding!)

Today, March 21, is National California Strawberry Day.  Strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamins C & K, and they're high in fiber!


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