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New CRUNCHY Bars are Here!
New CRUNCHY Bars are Here!
Hershey's New Smartzone Bars Pack a CRUNCH!

Last week Hershey's introduced 4 CRUNCHY new flavors to their SmartZone line.  The new Zone-approved controlled release nutrition bar flavors are Crunchy Chocolate Brownie, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Crunchy Blueberry & Crunchy Key Lime.  Now there are 8 flavors in all...and each has around 200 calories, 7g of fat and 3g of fiber.  (That's 4 points if you're counting.)  FYI, fitness guru Denise Austin is the spokesperson for SmartZone, and at age 46, she's never looked better.  If these bars have anything to do with that fact, we may need to eat a few of them ASAP!
It's Getting More Crowded in the Freezer Section...

Those Gardenburger folks are sure keeping themselves busy these days.  They've recently introduced SIX new single-serving frozen meals.  They're super-low in calories and, of course, vegetarian.  If you're looking for meatless meatballs and chicken-free chicken, this is your lucky day.  The new diet-friendly dishes are (drumroll, please): Meatballs with Penne Marinara, Southwestern Chicken with Vegetables, Sweet & Sour Pork, Meatloaf with Broccoli & Red Peppers, Herb Grilled Chicken with Vegetables, and Citrus Glazed Chicken with Green Beans & Rice.  Veg-tastic!
They're Fiber-ific!
They're Fiber-ific!
Coming in June!
Coming in June!
Beverage Buzz!

Seems like there's never a dull moment in the soda industry.  Here's
the latest fizz... As you know, Coca-Cola is busy developing Coke
Zero, the calorie-free answer to their original Classic Coke (set for a
June 2005 release).  Now Pepsi has announced plans to re-introduce
Pepsi One made with Splenda.  Look for it to hit store shelves by the
end of next month.  In related though less fizzy news, last week Minute
Maid announced that they're introducing 4 new punch products to the
fridge section of your local market.  Look for 64 oz. containers of
Light Lemonade, Light Limeade, Light Orange/Tangerine & Light Raspberry Passion.  Each will be made with some real fruit juice and have just 15 calories per serving.  Rumor has it the Orange/Tangerine is out of this world...
Good 'N Fruity!

This past week it was announced that both strawberries and pomegranates can have extremely positive health benefits.  A recent study suggests that the quercitin found in strawberries may kill cancer cells, and stop them from spreading.  Pomegranate juice could help keep fatty deposits from collecting on your artery walls.  Though there is no absolute proof that the effects would be the same in humans, the juice helped keep fatty deposits from building up on the artery walls of mice. (We're wondering how they test this.  Is someone feeding these rodents fried cheese and Pom juice?)
Berry Good News
Berry Good News
Today, March 28th, is Something on a Stick Day.  What a perfect excuse to chomp on a  Morningstar Veggie Corn Dog.
The new "Top Ate" is up...Check it out!

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