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Movies can be scary, but the theatre concession stand may very well be the biggest horror of all. Here’s HG’s latest take on avoiding becoming the BLOB this summer! 

Theatre Terror:  POPCORN. One large, butter-soaked popcorn contains more than 1,500 calories and over 100 grams of fat!  Run, don’t walk, away from this nightmare-ish movie snack.


Take-Along Treat:  The geniuses over at Jolly Time, Pop Secret and Orville Redenbacher have come up with single-serving popcorn bags that’ll only cost you about 90 - 110 calories.  Yummy flavors include Butter and Kettle Corn.  We’re in love...


S.O.S. Theater Treats:  If you find yourself desperate for fluffy kernels at the theater, order a small popcorn and skip the butter.  This treat will still rack up around 400+ calories and 27 grams of fat, but it’s better than the evil, jumbo buttery version!  If you can resist your popcorn craving but still need something carb-y, go for a warm and doughy soft pretzel instead (around 300 -400 calories for a small to medium-sized one).  It may be a good idea to share either with a pal...



Theatre Terrors:  SODAS AND SLUSHIES.  You probably already know this, but sugary, regular soda contains tons of calories.  A theatre-sized "small" (16 not so small ounces!) tips the scales at around 200 calories!  The scary slushie machine pumps out an equally offensive bev,  at around 220 calories for the same size.  EEEK!


Take-Along Treat:  Craving a sweet drink for your movie-going experience?  Pocket a Crystal Light On the Go packet to toss into your water.  Fruit Punch and Lemonade will fool your taste buds into thinking they're getting a sugary fix, and this lovely liquid will only set you back 10 measly calories.


S.O.S. Theater Treats:  Stick to diet soda or water, and save the calories for something you can actually chew.



Theatre Terror: CHOCOLATE CANDY.  A  3 oz. bag of Peanut M&Ms contains 470 calories and over 24 grams of fat!  Avoid these and other king-sized chocolate blunders at all costs.


Take-Along Treats: Sugar Free Tootsie Pops Miniatures are a dream movie snack!  They take a while to eat, and three minis have just 40 calories.  Are you a gummi-lover?  Weight Watchers Fruities are a fantastic alternative  to the higher-cal gummies found at the theatre.  With less than 70 calories in a whole pack, these chewy fruit snacks are sugar-free and fat-free.  The catch is, you need to go to Weight Watchers locations (or scour eBay) to find 'em!   


S.O.S. Theater Treat: While no movie candy is actually healthy,  sweet and tarty Lemonheads are fat-free, and only about 100 calories per oz.  Plus, their super-sour taste makes it hard for you to overindulge on these lemon-licious snacks.


Tomorrow, July 28th, is National Milk Chocolate Day.  Celebrate with some sort of reasonable ONE Hershey's Stick.

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