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It's the first Thursday in April, and you know what that means... FOOD FINDS! 
Puddin' It Be Good...
Puddin' It Be Good...
Jell-O Pudding Cups - Sugar Free Sundae

 (60 Calories, 1.5g Fat, 14g Carbs, 0g Sugar, <1g Fiber, 2g Protein)

When we first saw these puddin' treats, we had them confused with the regular old Fat Free Jell-O Pudding Cups.  After a closer look, we realized that these were, in fact, different.  For starters, they're SUGAR free, not FAT free, but the most important difference is that each delicious little cup contains just 60 calories, instead of 100.  That means you can either have one as a 60 calorie snack, or snazz it up with a small handful of crushed Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs snacks (and a little fat free whipped cream), and STILL keep your treat at about 100 calories.  How awesome is that?!


Landau Potato Poppers, Sweet BBQ

(100 Calories, 1g Fat, 22 Carbs, 1g Sugar, <1g Fiber, 2g Protein)

We're suckers for BBQ flavored crunchy snacks here at the Hungry Girl HQ.  That's why we flipped when we found these Potato Poppers.  Made by Landau (a NY-based company with plenty of awesome, secret, guilt-free savory treats), these round little potato-y critters are covered with the perfect amount of sweet 'n tangy BBQ flavoring.  Thing is, they're completely addictive and once you open a bag, the crunching doesn't stop 'til the last popper is gone.  That's why we INSIST that you buy the small, single serving size bag.  Don't even think about buying the larger 4-serving bags if you know what's good for you.  We have never EVER seen these things in stores.  The only place that has them is and when they found out HG picked these things as a food find, they decided to offer 50 percent discounts on poppers for the entire month of April.  Just choose "Hungry Girl" from the pulldown upon check out!  ( applied after orders are processed.)

BBQ Bliss!
BBQ Bliss!


In The Pink!
In The Pink!
Pink Energy Drink

(10 Calories, 0g Fat, 2 Carbs, 0g Sugar, 0g Fiber, 1g Protein)

Okay, Pink Energy Drink definitely wins the award for the CUTEST ENERGY DRINK ON THE PLANET (sorry, Sugar Free Red Bull).  We loooove the logo and the pink can (very HG-friendly!) and think it's awesome that this company is targeting an energy drink to women.  This stuff has just 10 calories, 2 carbs and even packs in a gram of protein. The best part is it's a GORGEOUS pink color and it tastes pinkalicious (we know that's not very descriptive but the flavor is hard to describe).  We're not  usually big on energy drinks, but this one is definitely an exception.  HG Tip:  It's hard to find this stuff in stores, but you can buy it online.


Dr. Praeger's Veggie Pizza Burgers

(120 Calories, 4g Fat, 11.5g Carbs, 0g Sugar, 4g Fiber, 9g Protein)

As you may already know (if you read HG emails), we are absolutely IN LOVE with Dr. Praeger, and his stable of guilt-free veggie products.  Our latest crush is on his Veggie Pizza Burgers.  They're basically his awesome vegetable-packed burger patties, topped with pizza sauce and lowfat mozzarella cheese -- and they are PHENOMENAL.  It's like having pizza and veggies, all rolled into one -- and you don't even need the crust!  We eat these bread-free, but if you want to pop 'em on some sort of roll, go for Wonder Light buns.  Good news!  You can now purchase Dr. Praeger's foods online.

Eat These...STAT!
Eat These...STAT!


April is National Fresh Celery Month.  Crunch it up!
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