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Your Diet Needs YOUR Help!

Over the past six months or so, Hungry Girl has received dozens & dozens of emails from fans gushing over how wonderful People Magazine's Your Diet is.  Everyone has been asking how to subscribe, and what the publishing schedule for this magazine is.  Truth is, you can't subscribe, and there is no set schedule.  In fact, we're not even sure there will be another issue of this fantastic magazine published, EVER AGAIN.  If you simply can't live without Your Diet's inspirational stories, dozens of dieting tips and beauteous full color photos of your favorite foods, then try to help make sure this mag stays on the shelves.  Email them and demand more issues.  C'mon, we saved Fabe's Donuts, maybe we can help save Your Diet, too.
An Enormous Mistake!

It seems that fast food restaurants, though pretending to be concerned with the growing obesity problem in this country, aren't really all that concerned at all.  Over the past few months, some of the most horrendously unhealthy foods have been added to their menus (i.e. Hardee's 1420 calorie Monster Thickburger and Pizza Hut's humongoid Full House XL Pizza).  The fast food world's latest horror is Burger King's Enormous Omelette Sandwich. This oversized fatfest of a breakfast packs in 730 calories and 47g of fat, and makes a 560 calorie McDonald's McGriddle look like a light snack!  ('s not REALLY A light snack, so don't get any ideas.) 
18 Points for Breakfast?! Yikes!
18 Points for Breakfast?! Yikes!
Dazs Good News!
Dazs Good News!
Haagen-Dazs Sees the Light!

Anyone who knows anything at all about frozen treats knows that Haagen-Dazs makes some of the absolute richest and creamiest (not to mention most fattening) ice cream around.  Well, lucky for us, their parent company, Dreyer's, has decided to use the same technology used on their "Grand Light Slow Churned" ice creams to make new Haagen-Dazs Light.  The slimmed-down chilly desserts have half as much fat and 40% fewer calories than the regular kind does.  They still pack in around 200 calories and 7g of fat per half cup, though, so proceed with caution... 
Less Sugar = More Lawsuits!

A San Diego mom is fed up with the new 75% Less Sugar Cereals. Jennifer Hardee learned, from the Associate Press, that the new cereals she was feeding her kids had no nutritional advantage over the full sugar versions and decided to slap three giant cereal companies with lawsuits.  A spokesperson for General Mills explains that they "never made specific claims" about the cereals health benefits, and merely gave consumers cereals with less sugar, because those consumers were demanding cereal with less sugar.  We hate to say "we told you so," but Hungry Girl reported that these cereals weren't anything to write home about months and months ago.
Less Sugar?  So What?!
Less Sugar? So What?!
Today, April 4th, is National Cordon Bleu Day.  FYI, "Cordon bleu" means "blue ribbon" and has nothing to do with bleu cheese. 
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