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Orange You Glad...

As if the battle of the colas weren't enough, Coke & Pepsi are now going head-to-head with new half-sugar orange juices. Relying on the sugar/Splenda blend used in their upcoming colas, the new juices will contain about 50 percent fewer calories than the regular stuff. Look for the Minute Maid (Coke) and Tropicana (Pepsi) OJs to hit shelves nationally over the next few months.
Do They Make Low Carb Binaca?

So, um, when did you start losing friends? Was it around the same time you gave up carbs? If so, it might not be a coincidence. Studies show that low carb diets often lead to bad breath. So if you've given up plaque-fighting favorites like apples, you might want to keep a few sugar free mints on hand. Just a helpful Hungry Girl Hint.
Corn on the Carb?

Crop scientists from the University of California at Riverside announced that they have created a genetically engineered corn that has half the usual amount of carbohydrates and double the fat and protein. In addition to helping corn-obsessed carb-counters get their fill of the yellow vegetable, the new modified corn could eventually help countries where protein deficiency is a major nutritional issue. Corn-tastic!
Atkins Taking a Bite Out of Weight Watchers...

Weight Watchers International claims low carb diets such as Atkins are slimming down their profits in a big way. Consumers are opting for low carb packaged foods and snacks instead of Weight Watchers' low-point offerings. Though not specifically a low carb diet, due to the flexibility of the plan, there are definitely ways to follow WW, and avoid high carb foods like breads and cakes. Some experts say a melded version of the two diets is the best way to go. Food for thought.
Today is National Escargot Day The largest land snail ever found was 15 inches long and weighed 2 pounds. By the way, according to the Weight Watchers web site, a 2 lb. serving of Escargot is 93.5 points. Eeeks!

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