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Ready, Sweat, Go!!!   
"Top Ate" Reasons to Build Muscle

Smart Girls Do Dumbbells author, Judith Sherman-Wolin, is taking over today's email.  Here are her "Top Ate" Reasons to Build Muscle...and some easy workout recipes, too!

1. Muscle blasts bulges. On your body, fat is shaped like a scoop of ice cream, while lean muscle is shaped like a carrot. Viva la veggies!

2. It boosts your metabolism. Building muscle helps you burn more calories no matter what else you're doing. Muscle burns 4 times as many calories as fat. All the time, everyday!

3. It helps your bones stay strong. Research shows that using dumbbells is a smart way to bone up (and build up!) your bones.

4. It gives you courage. Strong body = fearless attitude. (Ask for that raise! Wear that bathing suit!)

5. It keeps you young and smart. Studies show people who exercise regularly can live longer and have greater brain power.

6. It allows you to indulge in some of your favorite "forbidden" foods, once in a while. You'll burn off those calories. It's empowering!

7. It makes you happy. When you exercise, the brain releases "feel good" hormones called endorphins, giving you a natural "high."

8. It's cheap and easy. You can burn around 40 to 50 extra calories by just walking around the supermarket 15 minutes before you start your grocery shopping. No gym fee! Nice view.

Judith also put together special EXERCISE RECIPES,  just for Hungry Girl subscribers... Click here to see them!

If you want to buy Judith's book, Smart Girls Do Dumbbells, click here.


Today, April 15th, is World Grits Day.  In 2002, Georgia designated grits as the official state prepared food.


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