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No Worries...That's a Guilt-Free Cupcake!
No Worries...That's a Guilt-Free Cupcake!
Happy Birthday to Us!

Guess what?!  Tomorrow's our birthday!  Monday, April 26th, 2004, was the day we sent out our very first email.  We just wanted to take the time to thank you for all your support and feedback over the past year.  If you're new to HG, check out our site, which archives all of our past daily emails.  There are hundreds of them up there!  And, in our continuing effort to give you exactly what you want, we're asking you to take a special Hungry Girl Birthday Poll.  Tell us what's on your mind...PLEASE!
Snack Like a Kid!

If you're a fan of Nabisco's 100 Calorie Packs, get ready to fall head over heels in love with their new Kid Sense Fun Packs.  Each single serving pouch has just 100 calories, 3 grams of whole grains, no trans fatty acids, and no artificial sweeteners or flavors.  Available in Teddy Grahams (which, according the press release, are cuddly), Smilin' Ritz Bits & Kraft Cheese Nips, these guilt-free snacks are NOT just for kids.  Awww, go snuggle a bear cookie, willya!?
For the Kid in All of Us!
For the Kid in All of Us!
Run, Pyramid Man, Run!
Run, Pyramid Man, Run!
New Pyramid Arrives

The new food pyramid is here.  It's customized, filled with dizzying colors and is somewhat confusing.  If you go to the official "My Pyramid" web site, type in your age, gender and physical activity level, you'll get one of 12 food pyramids, tailored to your specific needs.  The site also features an animated pyramid tour (whatever that is).  Heads up!  Though it contains some useful info, we think the whole "one size doesn't fit all" pyramid thing is convoluted and (dare we say) a snoozefest.  Sorry, Pyramid creator people...
The Buzz...

A University of California Dieting Hotline featuring 20 recorded messages with diet tips launched this month. You can try calling 1-800-514-4494 for your tips but we gotta tell you, it's easier to get American Idol votes in for Constantine than it is to get through to this number.  ***Need to drop a full size quick fast in a hurry (and keep it off)?  Check out Michael Thurmond's new book, 6 Day Body Makeover.   ***After well over a decade of calling themselves KFC, the fast food chicken chain is going back to their southern, greasy roots and changing their name back to Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Looks like their "get-healthy" plan was a Kentucky Fried Flop!  That's all we've got.  HG out!
Dieting Help Just a Phonecall Away!
Dieting Help Just a Phonecall Away!
Today, April 25th, is National Zucchini Bread Day.  Look!  We found a recipe for a 3 point version!
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