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Cookie Cutting on Sesame Street!

Word on the street (well, Sesame Street) is that Cookie Monster is going healthy.  Seems that since one of the new focuses of the popular children's show will be on teaching kids to eat better, Cookie Monster's cookie intake will be severely reduced.  He won't actually be counting points or carbs, but he'll definitely be learning about moderation and will even perform a song called "A Cookie is a Sometimes Food."  While we're extremely concerned about the growing childhood obesity problem in this country, we're not quite sure how we feel about Cookie Monster's curbed cookie-munching.
FYI...The FDA Wants to Hear From Y-O-U!

If you're as fed up as we are with ridiculously unfair food labeling, here's your big chance to speak up.  Our biggest gripe is with unrealistic serving sizes and misleading nutritionals.  If you agree that there simply aren't 11 servings in that tiny box of cereal, 2 servings in that silly little can of soup, or that you shouldn't have to be a math whiz to figure out how many calories or fat grams you're eating in one sitting, DEMAND that the FDA fix this problem.  Send your comments to and reference Docket No. 2004N-0456.  C'mon, roll up your sleeves and kick some unrealistic serving size butt!  Grrrrrrr...
Send an Email.  Do It!
Send an Email. Do It!
Healthy Cooking Made E-Z!
Healthy Cooking Made E-Z!
The Buzz...

***Our friends at Food Fit have just released a brand new cookbook. Fit Food: Eating Well For Life is crammed with 200 simple & healthy recipes from top chefs.  We HEART Food Fit...and this book! ***Supermodel Heidi Klum has launched a new line of diet-friendly sweets called "My Favorite Candies."  The line includes Yogurt Fruit Cremes, Yogurt Dessert Cremes and Fruit Flirtations.  All of Heidi's candies are fat free & have about 130 calories per serving. A supermodel making candy?  Uhhh, okaaaaay. ***Guess what?  Unsold Atkins bars, shakes & mixes are now being sent to food banks in Appalachia.  Looks like the low carb craze is fading fast... 

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Today, April 11th, is National Cheese Fondue Day. If you're going to honor this day, do yourself a favor and use The Laughing Cow Light cheese wedges!
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