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Beauty Foods are All the Rage!
Beauty Foods are All the Rage!
Beauty Foodie, Oh Rutti!

Recent studies show that your diet can improve your appearance, and what you eat affects the way you look.  Good fats found in walnuts and seafood fight wrinkles.  Foods packed with Vitamin A, like butternut squash, carrots & cantaloupe, help block UV radiation (we HATE UV radiation!).  Vitamins C & E, found in broccoli & citrus fruits encourage collagen formation (which keeps you younger looking).  To avoid breakouts, steer clear of refined carbs.  If you give your diet a makeover, your face may get one, too!
Hasta La Vista, Trans Fats!

Looks like even more restaurants are ridding their menus of trans fats.  These horrendous fats (which raise LDL or "bad cholesterol") can be found in shortening, margarine, crackers, cookies, chips and other foods.  This summer Quiznos will remove trans fats from their soups, dressings and cookies.  And last Friday, Jason's Deli rolled out an entirely trans fat free menu.  In addition, Fazoli's now has 50 items on its menu that are completely free of these evil man made fats.  Hey, McDonald's, how are those trans fat free french fries coming along?
Toodle-loo, Trans Fats!
Toodle-loo, Trans Fats!
Get Buff With a Buddy!
Get Buff With a Buddy!
Buff Buddies?!

Are you the kind of person who needs someone else to motivate you to exercise?  Looking for a local pal to work out with?  Check out  Just type in your zip code and dozens of potential workout partners in your area will pop up.  Find a bowling buddy, a tennis friend, or someone to hike with.  It's totally free, too, so you've got nothing to lose (except maybe a size or two).  Awesome!
The Buzz...

Blimpie & Gardenburger have teamed up to bring us two new veggielicious options -- the Gardenfresh Patty and the Santa Fe Patty.  Both are available this month at the sandwich chain. ***Speaking of yummy new foods, check out Balance Bar's new Trail Mix energy bars. Our fave is the Cinnamon Oats and Honey.   ***Sources tell us that Vitalicious will soon launch TWO new muffin flavors. No one knows what they'll be yet, but we hear they're going to be VERY unique and take the muffin world by storm.  Hmmmm...  That's all we've got.  HG out!
Balance's Latest...
Balance's Latest...
Today, April 18th, is National Animal Crackers Day. These plain cookies are often low in calories but can pack in some saturated fat, so be careful.

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Did you miss our recipe for 1 point Fettucine Hungry Girlfredo?  Check it out!

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