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Hungry Girl,

Thank you so much for the email on "dumb dieting mistakes" that you sent on Friday April 8th.  I think I have made them all!  My question is about salads.  If you don't put croutons, cheese, bacon bits, etc. on a salad, then what do you put on it?  Can you give us some good ideas for a low cal, low fat, GOOD-tasting salad?

-Seeking Salads
Dear Seeking,

Glad the "dumb dieting mistakes" email was helpful to you.  And glad you asked about salads.  I LOVE salads and add lots of healthy interesting stuff to them that won't make them bad for me.  My favorite things to toss into a salad (in addition to lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers) are: garbanzo beans, beets, kidney beans, lean meat (like chicken, shrimp, turkey or tuna), corn, water chestnuts (for crunch, instead of croutons or noodles), and avocado (a few slices).  Usually my salads are so full of delicious items that I don't even use dressing.  Sometimes I just sprinkle a little reduced fat parmesan on top.  Try it!

Dear Hungry Girl,

I am trying to cut some calories out of my daily routine.  I don't have a sweet tooth, but I crave salty snacks, like chips, nuts, wasabi peas, etc.  Any ideas for satisfying, crunchy snacks that that aren't fattening?

-Crunching in California

Dear Crunching,

First off, be careful with those Wasabi Peas.  They can be very high in fat!  I, too, crave salty snacks, and I notice that the more I eat of them, the more I NEED to eat.  It's a slippery slope.  So, when possible, try to kill that craving with other crunchy stuff -- like carrots, water chestnuts, apples, etc.  When you DO need to reach for a salty, crunchtastic snack, I recommend going for Crunchmaster Crackers (16 crackers to a serving--look for them at Costco), or Glenny's new Spud Delites (an AWESOME potato chip swap in three flavors).   And be sure to avoid seemingly healthy chips that aren't -- like most pita chips, veggie chips (like Terra chips), and Sun Chips.  They're all WAY high in fat!

Today, April 27th, is National Prime Rib Day. Truth be told, Prime Rib  is a VERY fatty red meat option. You're much better off with a Filet!

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