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Hungry Girl,

I love veggie burgers and fat free hot dogs, but, to save calories, I often find myself eating them on a plate, without a bun.  What are my options here?


Dear Bunlover,

Thinking you have to have your patties and dogs on a plate is SO ten years ago.  There are lots of options now.  Personally, I like Wonder Light hamburger and hot dog buns best.  They're just 80 calories, have hardly any fat and are just one point on Weight Watchers.  Lettuce "buns" are great, too, and add practically NO calories at all to your meal.  Wrapping hot dogs in small size La Tortilla Factory low carb/low fat tortillas is another creative (and guilt free) idea.  I especially like to roll up a fat free turkey frank and a slice of fat free cheese in one of these tortillas, then toast it.  Yum!

Dear Hungry Girl,

What's up with all the changing labels?  I noticed that the nutritional info on some of my fave products has changed.  What's the story with that? First it happened with Boca Burgers, and now my Land O' Lakes Light Butter has more fat & calories than it did last month.  Also, sometimes the nutritionals on the product packages are different from the ones you find on the official web sites.  What's going on here?

-Needing to Know in Nevada
Dear Needing to Know,

Label changes bug me, too.  But they happen all the time, and there's really nothing we can do about it.  Often, when companies are asked about these changes, they say that there have either been changes in the ingredients, or that the products have been re-tested and the nutritionals were wrong the first time.  As for conflicting numbers online vs. on the packages, your best bet is to use the numbers on the food packages themselves.  Often web sites aren't updated and the nutritional info you find on them is no longer valid.  By the way, I was bummed about the recent butter changes, too.  But 45 calories and 4g of fat per tablespoon is still pretty good.  Hang in there...

May is National Salsa Month. Salsa is one of the world's BEST condiments. It's healthy, low in calories & fat and tastes GREAT on salads & sandwiches!

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