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You keep asking for more! Here's yet another group of (somewhat) guilt-free retro candy finds...


The best thing about Blow Pops is how long these suckers last.  For just 60 calories and no fat, you can have 30-45 minutes of retro candy bliss!  Blow Pops come in tons of flavors, from Sour Apple to Cherry and from Blue Razz Berry to Kiwi Berry.  And when you're done with the candy outside, you still have the chewy bubble gum center to keep your mouth happy. (Pssst...these are GREAT treats to take to movies!)
In the mood for something sweet?  Something spicy?  Can't decide?  No problem!  Just grab an Atomic Fireball. These scorching candies pack one fiery punch.  And not only do they have just 40 calories and no fat, their spicy, cinnamonlicious taste is also great for squashing sugar cravings.  That's hot!
Here's a Bit-O-Good-News!  Long-lasting chewy Bit-O-Honey, with its rich, nutty, honey flavor and almond bits scattered throughout, isn't a horrendous candy snack.  If you grab 4 mini Bit bites, you'll be consuming only 106 calories and 2 grams of fat.  Hungry Girl Warning:  These babies have been known to extract fillings.  Chew carefully!


Apples, oranges and bananas are good for you.  But what about when they're sugary, candied versions?  Runts, those retro candies shaped like pieces of fruit, aren't exactly healthy, but they aren't that bad for you either.  In fact, they're fat free, and you can have about 15 of 'em for just 60 calories!   Chomp it up!

Candy and jewelry in one?  We're sold!  Smarties Candy Necklaces were all the rage on the school playground, and they're still around today.  If you wear one of Smarties candy necklaces, it's calorie free.  Eat it and you'll be taking in just 80 calories and no fat at all.  Now that is a thing of beauty!  Hungry Girl Hint: They make awesome, fun ankle bracelets, too!
April 29th is National Shrimp Scampi Day.  Making some at home?  Swap regular butter with Land 'O Lakes Light butter to save lots of calories & fat!
  Candy is not a food that should be eaten every day.  These retro candy finds are meant to educate you about which candies are lower in fat and calories, for those times when you feel you DO need something sweet to satisfy a candy craving.  Hungry Girl does NOT recommend incorporating retro candies into your daily diet.

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