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Save the BK Veggie!
Save the BK Veggie!
Healthy Fast Food: A Flop?

Though consumers SAY they want more healthy options at fast food joints, when it comes right down to it, they're simply NOT taking advantage of the healthier choices offered at quick service restaurants. As a result, some restaurants are starting to remove lower-cal items from their menus. Just how few people are ordering "good-for-you" items? Only about 2% of customers order salads at McDonald's, and for every 300 - 500 sandwiches ordered at Burger King, only 3 or 4 of them are veggie burgers. Yikes!  C'mon, people. If you don't start ordering these things, they'll go away FOREVER!
TV Addicts -- Now You Can Watch at the Supermarket!

Kroger has partnered with In-store Broadcasting Network to create a brand new network of programming that will run in more than 2,500 Kroger markets throughout the country. That means Kroger shoppers will be treated to all sorts of cool TV content, including cooking tips, new product information and special promotions. We were actually hoping the programming would be a bit spicier -- like cameras at the deli counter, or spy cams at the salad bar?!  Maybe soon...
Kroger TV: Coming Soon!
Kroger TV: Coming Soon!
Sharing is Everything!
Sharing is Everything!
Is 1/2 MORE? Could Be!

The makers of My Pet Fat, that wiggly, jiggly, frighteningly flabtastic "pet" have rolled up their sleeves and gotten a bit more serious. They have an eBook called "1/2 is More" for sale that contains weight loss tips & info (just in case that pet fat wasn't nauseating enough to keep you from chewing all those unwanted calories). The idea behind the downloadable "book," is to offer up a quick read packed with easy to remember, unforgettable, simple rules that will help you eat better and lose weight. Check it out for yourself!'s only $4.95 this week with promo code "more4less".
The Buzz...

Drinking a glass of OJ a day may keep arthritis away! Recent findings suggest that dietary cartenoids, the stuff responsible for the orange and yellow coloring in fruits & veggies, can actually reduce inflammation through antioxidant effects. Awesome! ***A recent study has found a link between consumption of french fries during preschool years and breast cancer. Research done by the Harvard School of Public Health found that each serving of French fries girls between ages 3 and 5 consumed in a week may have increased their risk of developing breast cancer as adults by as much as 27 percent. The same association was not found with any other type of potatoes. Karen Michels, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School does admit, "This is something nobody's really looked at before. It's really new," she said, adding, "It could be due to chance." ***Good news, Looking Good Now fans! The diet-focused lifestyle magazine, which was being published 10 times a year, is going monthly. They're still looking for great weight loss stories, so if you have one, send it in...and remember to tell them Hungry Girl sent you!  That's all we've got. HG out!
Today, August 22nd, is National Pecan Torte Day. In addition to their cholesterol-lowering components, pecans contain vitamin A, vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, and several B vitamins. It's the "torte" part that worries us.
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