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Dear Hungry Girl,

I'm watching my carbs but I love bread and sandwiches.  All of the low carb breads I have tried are disgusting.  Can you recommend any that taste good?

-- Counting Carbs

Dear Counting,

Like you, I have tried several low carb breads and bread recipes and haven't been impressed.  To be completely honest, I think the low carb bread and bake mixes are pretty awful.  I have, however, fallen in love with Low Carb Bagel Bars from a company called Bageltime.  These bars (which contain 100 calories or less and roughly 7 net carbs) are fresh, chewy, come in Multi Grain and Cinnamon Raisin Pecan, and they are AWESOME!  Bageltime also has great low carb bagels and multi-grain wraps. Buy them at  Tell 'em Hungry Girl sent you (in the comments section when you place your order) and they'll send you a free surprise!

Dear Hungry Girl,

What do you use in your coffee to make it taste good?  Putting skim or fat free milk in it makes it tastes like dirty dishwater.  Please advise.

-- Creamer Q

Dear Creamer Q,

I understand and agree with your complaints about fat free milk. You really have to be creative with it to make it taste good...especially in coffee. I sometimes use an ounce or two of fat free milk and then spike it with a little Fat Free Coffeemate. I only use the original flavor Coffeemate because I think the flavored fat free ones have too much sugar and too many calories. If you aren't careful with that flavored stuff you can add 50-100 calories to a regular cup of coffee.  Bad idea.  I am a also a big fan of powdered dessert creamers.  If they have sugar, I use half of what they recommend and that's usually only about 10 - 15 calories or so.  If they're made with Splenda, you can use a little more.  Hope this helps!

Be sure to include Folic acid-rich foods like spinach, broccoli and oranges in your diet.  Folic acid is a cancer preventer!

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