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Wanna chew on on some Mexican fast-food? Here are some tips to help you survive...


We were absolutely HORRIFIED to learn that Baja Fresh's Charbroiled Steak Nachos contain 2073 calories and 113 grams of fat (41 of them saturated!).  This gigantic fatty pile of fried tortilla chips, steak, cheese, sour cream, beans, guacamole, and salsa weighs 2 lbs. (as much as a small dog).  Aye, Chihuaua!

Watch out! These Mexican menu items are far less healthy than they seem...

Baja Fresh Bare Burrito w/ Charbroiled Chicken and Fat Free Salsa - 650 calories, 7g fat

El Pollo Loco Veggie Bowl - 575 calories, 15g fat

Wahoo's Fish Taco Chicken Bowl, Skinless Breast - 730 calories, 18g fat


Del Taco Bean & Cheese Red Burrito  - 270 calories, 8g fat, 38 carbs, 11g protein, 6g fiber

El Pollo Loco Chicken Taco Al Carbon
- 135 calories, 3g fat, 18 carbs, 9g protein, 1g fiber

Rubios HealthMex Chicken Taco  - 170 calories, 2g fat, 23 carbs, 12g protein, 2g fiber

Taco Bell Crunchy Beef Taco, Fresco Style  - 150 calories, 7g fat, 14 carbs,  7g protein, 2g fiber

Baja Fresh Baja Style Taco w/ Charbroiled Chicken - 180 calories, 5g fat, 26 carbs, 12g protein, 3g fiber


Even healthy burritos can have tons of calories--simply because most of them are so enormous. Take, for example, El Pollo Loco's 16 oz. Ultimate Burrito, Del Taco's 19 oz. Macho Beef Burrito, and Rubio's 20 oz. Chicken Especial Burrito. Yikes!  Ditch the burritos and opt for a taco instead.  They're a much better choice because they're smaller and have fewer calories.  Worried they'll be too small to fill you up?  To bulk up and round out your Mexican meal, add  a side salad, steamed veggies or a small side of beans.


Just how many calories do those add-ons add? Take a look...

Hot Sauce Packet  - 4 calories, no fat, 1 carb

Salsa - 2 Tbsp., 10 calories, 0g fat, 1 carb

Sour Cream - 2 Tbsp., 50 calories, 5g fat, 1 carb

Guacamole - 2 Tbsp., 52 calories, 4g fat, 4 carbs

Shredded Cheese - 1/4 cup, 110 calories, 9g fat, 1 carb

May 6th, is National Crepe Suzette Day.  Have a recipe for a low cal version?  Send it our way!
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