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100 Calorie Brownies on the Way!

Brownie lovers, listen up.  Are you sitting?  Good (reading email standing up can be challenging).  Vitalicious, the makers of the world's BEST guilt free muffins, are launching...THE VITABROWNIE!  These absolutely decadent chocolate chip packed treats will be topped with walnuts, and contain just 100 calories and 2.5g of fat!   Like VitaMuffins, they'll also be full of vitamins & fiber, so they'll actually be HEALTHY!   These snacks will be available later this month.  We'll keep you posted, of course...
7 Up Makes the Switch to Splenda!

7 Up is making the switch to Splenda.  Aspartame haters, rejoice!  The Diet Uncola is ditching NutraSweet in favor of the newer, hipper sweetener of the moment, Sucralose (aka Splenda).  The new Splendarific soda will hit store shelves on May 23rd.  FYI, Diet 7 Up will be the first-ever lemon-lime flavored carbonated soft drink to use Splenda.  Sweet!
So Long, NutraSweet!
So Long, NutraSweet!
Cute Fruit!
Cute Fruit!
Remember Mom...Hungry Girl Style!

Want to give mom something beautiful, delicious, decadent and completely guilt-free this Mother's Day?  Check out the unbelievably creative (and yummy) fruit bouquets at  There are dozens and dozens of gorgeous, fruity ways to tell mom she's special.  You MUST see these!  Not into edibles this year?  Take a peek at the no-calorie soapcakes at Everything Shea.  These sometimes take a while to make, since they're handcrafted, so you may not be able to get them in time for Mother's Day, but with flavors like Coconut Creme & Chocolate Mint, they're definitely worth a look (and a sniff!).  After all, there's always her birthday...or you can just treat yourself to some.
Bean There, Done That...

The Women's Bean Project is an organization that helps women in Colorado break the cycle of poverty & unemployment by teaching them basic and entry level job skills.  They make and sell a variety of delicious, bean-related soups and gourmet foods.  This nonprofit business is dedicated to helping women, so Hungry Girl is dedicated to helping them.  How can you help?  By checking out their online store and buying some bean-tastic items!   By the way, beans are protein-packed cancer-fighters, that can help lower cholesterol.
Bean Cuisine
Bean Cuisine

Hey!  It's National Raisin Week.  Raisins are a good source of fiber, potassium, calcium and iron.  Toss a small handful onto a chopped salad for a sweet 'n chewy treat!

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