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Frozen Felicity!
Frozen Felicity!
Happiness Is...ICE CREAM!

A new study suggests that eating ice cream makes you happy.  Scientists conclude that as little as one teaspoon of the creamy frozen treat "lights up the happy zones" in the brain (did you even know there were happy zones in your brain?).  There's speculation that the very expensive study, which was paid for by Unilever (the world's largest ice cream maker), was done in an effort to boost slacking ice cream sales.  Uhhh, Unilever, was it really necessary to spend heaps of money to find out that ice cream makes people happy?  We would have told you that for a free bowl of ice cream.
FMI 2005 - New Products Debuted!

Last week, we attended the largest food "show & tell" in the country, the FMI Show, in Chicago.  The convention was a huge gathering of over 1000 exhibitors and 30,000 attendees, and, best of all, tons of new foods and beverages.  We chomped and sipped our way through this tasty show gathering info and food scoops along the way.  Some of the most impressive edibles we had the chance to sample (a "sneak chew" if you will) were Campbell's Select Gold Soups, VitaBrownies and all the new South Beach Diet frozen pizzas.  We'll be reporting on all of our guilt-free discoveries over the next few months. 
30,000 People Chewing Simultaneously!
30,000 People Chewing Simultaneously!
The Healthier Low Fat Diet...
The Healthier Low Fat Diet...
Battle of the Low Fat Diets...

All low fat diets are NOT created equal, especially if you're trying to lower your cholesterol.  A Stanford University School of Medicine study found that low fat diets rich in fruits, veggies, whole grains and beans have TWICE the cholesterol-lowering power of low fat diets packed with low fat processed foods.  Bottom line?  Eat your veggies, along with other nutrient-dense foods.  And don't expect low fat and fat free pre-packaged faves (like low fat cookies or chips) to have a cholesterol-lowering effect. 
The Buzz...

Sodium-counters, listen up!  Amy's Kitchen has launched a line of "light in sodium" frozen meals.  They contain HALF the sodium of their saltier counterparts, and should be hitting store shelves any day now.  ***Looking for a new guilt-free b-day cake option?  Keep an eye out for TCBY's new line of 96% fat free yogurt-based cakes and deep dish pies.  Yum!  ***According to a new study, exercising in cold water may not be all that good for your diet,  It seems after a cold-water workout, you may be hungrier and therefore consume more calories than if you worked out in warmer water.  (Who enjoys working out in cold water anyway?)  That's all we've got...HG out! 
Amy Takes on Sodium...and Wins!
Amy Takes on Sodium...and Wins!

Yesterday, May 8th, was National Coconut Cream Pie Day.  Aren't you glad we waited 'til after the fact to tell you about it?

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