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Be the Coolest Kid on the Block!
Be the Coolest Kid on the Block!
Win a Dreyer's Grand Light Ice Cream Party!

Don't know your neighbors?  Schmooze 'em up with frozen treats!  Dreyer's Grand Light is trying to encourage people to slow down, and meet some new people, by giving away 1,500 "Two Scoop Neighborhood Salute" ice cream block parties. 1,500!?  Yowsa!  Sounds like you've got a real chance to win a fun, guilt-free frozen treat fiesta for your friends & neighbors.  Check out for all the details, and to enter.  Cooool!
Chili Today, Gone Tomorrow...

Chili Alert!  Any chicken chili lovers out there?  Good news!  You can grab some delicious, diet-friendly chili at a fantastic price and donate money to charity at the same time.  Our friends at LC Homestyles are discontinuing their packaged meals and selling 'em off at a fraction of their retail value.  You've gotta buy 'em by the case, but you'll get yummy, fiber-packed healthy chicken chili (just 190 calories and 3 points per cup if you're counting!) for $2.30 each, including delivery.  The best part is, the company is donating all proceeds from HG-related sales to "Feed the Children," so remember to mention Hungry Girl when you check out...
Chili Out!
Chili Out!
Pepsi's Cutting Edge...Literally
Pepsi's Cutting Edge...Literally
Pepsi Loses Its Edge

Last week Pepsi announced it was pulling the plug on its half-calorie cola, Pepsi Edge.  Seems the beverage had half the calories but no interest from consumers, selling only 8.6 million cases in the first six months.  This news can only make us wonder about the future of C2 (Coke's mid-cal cola), which they say will continue to remain on the shelves.  Our prediction is that C2 will be gone pretty soon, too, so if you want to grab a few cans to save and show your grandchildren (or sell on eBay), better do it soon.  On another note, Pepsi's two new fizzy bevs, Pepsi Lime and Diet Pepsi Lime, are making their debut this Memorial Day...
The Buzz...

PhillySwirl Update!  Looks like your support is paying off.  Those Sugar Free PhillySwirl Stix continue to remain on the shelves at Sam's Club (thanks to you), but, unfortunately, they're still in danger of being yanked.  We can't let that happen.  They're by FAR the best sugar free ice pops we've ever tasted (and who else makes COTTON CANDY flavored pops?).  Show you care.  Head to Sam's to grab a box!  ***McDonald's is having some major success with their healthy eating initiative. Their smoothies, flatbread sandwiches and salads are selling well so more are on the way!  Keep an eye out for Mickey D's to launch new salads and to start carrying Newman's Own Low Fat dressings...   ***A new book called "Diet King" is out. It's an inspirational novel featuring 13 uniquely connected short stories about the trials and tribulations of dieting.  We hear it's really funny (Ok, it was the press release that said so, but we're gonna check it out and see for ourselves).  That's all we've got.  HG out!
Save the Swirls!
Save the Swirls!
Today, May 23rd, is National Taffy Day. We're celebrating with some chewy Taffy Lites (but just a few, the calories add up quickly)!

The new "Top Ate" is up...Check it out!

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