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Weight Watchers is #1!
Weight Watchers is #1!
Weight Watchers: A Winner!

We told you this a long time ago, but now Consumer Reports has determined that Weight Watchers is the best overall diet planTheir ratings were based on number of pounds lost, nutrition, how easy the diet was to follow and dropout rates.  The easy-to-follow points system, plus weekly group support and long term success rates of followers were the major reasons Double "W" (that's what the cool kids call Weight Watchers these days) scored high marks.  Slim-Fast, with its meal-replacement shakes and bars, came in at number two.  Congrats, WW!
Treat-tastic Trivia!

Do you know who Chester Cheetah is?  What Americans like to put on their ice cream?  Or how many stripes are on an E.L. Fudge cookie? (Ok, you'd have to be a freakish food groupie to get that one.)  If you're an expert on snack foods and proud of it, there's a new trivia game that's perfect for you.  EAT IT! is a deliciously fun board game that tests your knowledge of chocolate, ice cream, crunchy snacks and desserts, instead of what you know about history, literature and geography.  (Finally, a game that has its priorities straight.)  Instead of eating snacks, you can sit around answering questions about 'em!  Just be sure to keep some guilt free goodies around, in case all that food talk gets to you...

Warning: This Game May Make You Hungry
Warning: This Game May Make You Hungry
Egg-cellent Sources of Iron
Egg-cellent Sources of Iron
A Reminder About Iron...

Feeling tired and sluggish?  Finding it hard to muster up the energy to work out?  Maybe you're not getting enough iron.  Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world, and it's one of the leading causes of anemia.  Wondering where to get some iron?  Liver, eggs, lean meats (beef, pork, lamb, poultry or fish), beans, peas, leafy vegetables, beets, baked potatoes with skin, watermelon, raisins and prunes are all great sources!  HG Tip: For maximum iron absorption, eat iron-rich and Vitamin C-packed foods at the same time!
The Buzz...

Did you know that 86% of teenage girls are dieting or think they should be?   A new book called The Diet for Teenagers Only is here to help.  It's a great, info-packed resource with food shopping tips, helpful hints and an eating program.  Despite the book's title, there's even helpful info for adults!  ***Is Splenda your calorie-free sweetener of choice? You'll be happy to hear that the new Diet Coke with Splenda hit store shelves this past weekend, making it the 7th Diet Coke product in the line.  And keep an eye out for Coca-Cola Zero...It'll be out next month.  ***Dreyer's Grand Light Slow Churned ice cream, watch your back. Breyers has released a new "double churned" Cal Smart line that has just 70 calories per half cup.  Ok, that's all we've got.  HG Out!
Cool New Book!
Cool New Book!
Yesterday, May 15th, was National Chocolate Chip Day. If you feel like celebrating a day late, do so with a Rising Dough Chocolate Chip cookie. Yum!

The new "Top Ate" is up...Check it out!

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