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Dear HG,

What do you think about the recent change to Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches?  Since the company was bought by the folks at Dreyer's, the vanilla sandwiches have gone up in calories and are now 3 points each.  What's an ice cream loving girl to do?

-Skinny Cow Sadness
Dear Skinny Cow Sadness,

I've gotten so many emails about this that I had to call Skinny Cow directly to see what was up.  It's clear that they've received A LOT of calls about this very problem, and are well aware of how upsetting this change has been to Weight Watchers members.  So what's the skinny?  They assured me that new re-formulated 2 point low fat Skinny Cow sandwiches would be hitting store shelves by August.  In the meantime, to get your 2 point ice cream sandwich fix, check out Skinny Cow's No Sugar added sandwiches (in mint and vanilla), Weight Watchers Smart Ones sandwiches, or No Pudge! Ice Cream Sandwiches.  And hurry it up, Skinny!

Dear Hungry Girl,

Is eating an 80 calorie cookie the same as eating an 80 calorie apple?

Dear Confused,

Good question!  I actually wanted to call on a nutrition expert to help with this one.  So here's what my good friend, Amy "Health Gal" Hendel, had to say about this.  According to Amy, "If someone merely counts calories as a dietary approach to losing weight or gaining some measure of health - they are missing an important ingredient.  Foods that are high in fiber require the body to expend some extra calories digesting those fiber calories.  That fiber rich food is often also a source of nutrient dense calories that the body can use to offset disease or simply maintain quality of health. So though you may choose to eat a cookie that's 100 calories as opposed to an apple with skin - you are losing out on the extra calories needed for digestion of that apple and you're losing out on all the vitamins that apple has.   And the fiber and antioxidants it contains."  Amy also points out that processed foods often contain harmful ingredients like Trans or saturated fats.  So what about eating cookies that have been infused with vitamins and fiber?  Amy says there's a good chance that the body doesn't absorb the man made nutrients put into processed foods as efficiently as it does those from natural foods.  Both Amy & I agree that it's best to have a diet that consists of a fair amount of fresh fruits and veggies, with a few guilt-free processed treats thrown in for good measure! 

This Friday, June 17th, is National Eat Your Vegetables Day.  Just wanted to give you a heads up a few days in advance, so you could prepare accordingly!
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