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Check out these magical dynamic duos... 
Progresso Carb Monitor Chicken Vegetable Soup + Shirataki Noodles

(180 calories, 5g fat, 4g fiber = 3 points)

Progresso Carb Monitor Chicken Vegetable soup is AWESOME.  It's got huge chunks of white meat chicken, and yummy veggies in it, but no starch at all, so it's just 140 calories for the whole can.  If you add an ENTIRE package of Shirataki Noodles (rinse them well!), you'll have yourself a huge noodlefest!  The really exciting part is you'll be adding a TON of fiber and only 40 calories to your meal, meaning it'll go from a 3 point bowl of soup, to a... 3 point bowl of soup!  YES -- adding all that food without adding points is astonishing!  Ahhh, the magic of Shirataki Tofu Noodles...


La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Tortilla + Applegate Farms Turkey

(150 calories, 2g fat, 8g fiber = 2 points)

Lettuce "buns" are good, but who in their right mind would actually opt for one over a wrap made with an actual tortilla?  No sane human, that's who.  If you take your 4 oz. of lettuce wrapped turkey, and make the switch from lettuce to a fiber-ific low carb La Tortilla Factory Tortilla, your light lunch will still have only 2 points.  By the way, these 50 calorie tortillas have zero points if eaten alone and can be used to make other low calorie wraps.


Glenny's Spud Delites + Boca Chili

(150 calories, 1.5g fat,  5g fiber = 2 points)

Glenny's Sea Salt Spud Delites are crunchy and delicious all on their own, but when offered the chance to smother them in some chunky chili for just a few extra calories and the same amount of points, who can refuse?  Not us!  Simply take 1/3 bowl of yum-tastic Boca Chili, dip a whole bag of your spuds in 'em, and you'll get a fiber-packed snack with just 150 calories and the same 2 points that the chips would have had on their own.  Enjoy this chili on low fat hot dogs and burgers for the same effect.  Awesome!


Today, June 16th, is National Fudge Day.  Have a guilt-free frozen fudge bar instead of actual fudge.  You'll be glad you did!

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