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Blab about HG & Win!
Blab about HG & Win!
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Do you love Hungry Girl and want to shout it from the rooftops?  It may be worth your while to do just that.  Between now and July 15th if you get the most people to sign up for Hungry Girl's free daily emails you'll nab yourself a brand new iPod Shuffle.  So get ready to tell EVERYONE you know about HG -- friends, co-workers, teachers, doctors, toll collectors...your estranged aunt.  Spread the word and all your incessant blabbing may pay off -- in the form of a very cool personal entertainment system -- the iPod Shuffle!  Just remember to tell your pals to mention your email address in the "How did you hear about Hungry Girl" section of the web site so you get credit for the referral.  Good luck!
Morningstar & Burger King Team Up...

Good news, veggie burger lovers.  Burger King is about to become the first fast food joint (or quick service establishment as they like to call it) to offer a veggie burger nationally.  The new patty (manufactured by Morningstar Farms) will include the same yummy ingredients as their regular patties (water chestnuts, mushrooms, peppers, brown rice, etc.), and will be available later this month at all BK locations.  Vegetarians, worry not.  These meat-free delights won't be cooked on the same grills as BK's beef patties.
Veg Out at BK!
Veg Out at BK!
Not Just for Grandma Anymore...
Not Just for Grandma Anymore...
Fresca Gets an Extreme Makeover!

Remember Fresca, that citrusy diet soda that was popular back in the 70s?  Well, it's getting a facelift.  In addition to having a completely new logo and new packaging, the grapefruit-licious fizzy beverage will also be released in two new flavors -- Sparkling Peach Citrus and Sparking Black Cherry Citrus.  The flavor of original Fresca will remain the same.  Yowsa!  Hip Fresca?  What's next?  Cutting edge prune juice?
The Buzz...

Move over, Red Bull.  Kabbalah Energy Drink has arrived!  The new citrus-flavored beverage is already making a splash in Hollywood with celebs like Ashton Kutcher, Madonna and Paris Hilton.  The word is this stuff kicks Red Bull's butt in taste tests nine out of ten times.  And there's even a sugar free version. ***Wanna burn some extra calories?  Laugh it up!  Don't get the wrong idea, watching reruns of Seinfeld isn't as effective as going to the gym, or skipping dessert, but studies show a good 10-15 minute laugh a day can burn about 50 calories.  Do that every day and you'll be down 4.4 lbs in a year.  ***Heads Up!  If you're watching your sodium intake, read those labels on the South Beach Diet wraps and frozen meals carefully.  Though they taste great and are fairly low in calories and packed with healthy fats, their sodium levels are kind of high.  Just a friendly HG warning... That's all we've got.  HG out!
How the stars get their energy buzz!
How the stars get their energy buzz!
Today, June 6th, is National Applesauce Cake Day. Replace fat-packed oils with applesauce in your cake recipes today!

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