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Easy, Ronald...You're 42!
Easy, Ronald...You're 42!
Ronald McDonald: Fitness Guru?

Guess who's going to trade in his ill-fitting yellow jumpsuit for tighter activewear after 42 years?  Ronald McDonald!   The hamburger chain spokesclown is transforming himself from french fry-pusher to fruit-juggling, snowboarding, hoops-shooting role model.  This new "get off the couch" attitude is phase two of Mickey D's healthier new approach.  The first phase introduced the option to swap fries for Apple Dippers in Happy Meals.  Hmmmm...maybe instead of becoming a pro-soccer player, Ronald should squeeze himself into a chef's uniform and finally figure out the recipe for those trans fat free french fries McDonald's has been promising for years...

Hilton Hotels Launch Eat Right Menus!

Have trouble eating well while travelling?  Stay at a Hilton, Doubletree or Embassy Suites Hotel.  All three Hilton family hotel chains will now feature "Eat Right" menus, complete with healthy, balanced dishes like poached trout, steamed clams, grilled salmon, and spicy roasted halibut.  The new selections don't support any new trendy diets, they're just composed of healthy foods that cater to a positive lifestyle.   Says a Hilton spokesperson, "These initiatives are more about changing the culture of eating on the road than they are about fitting in with a short-term dietary program."  In the meantime, Hilton heiress Paris is still pushing that flab-inducing 960 calorie, 62g of fat Six Dollar Burger for Carl's Jr.

Hilton Goes Healthy...Hooray!
Hilton Goes Healthy...Hooray!
Work Workouts Work
Work Workouts Work
Exercise at Work = More Productivity!

Results of a recent study show that people who used a company gym during their lunch hour were more productive and got along better with co-workers afterwards.  In the study, workers (most of whom had sedentary jobs) rated their frame of mind, work performance and workload on days they worked out and on days they didn't.  Ratings in all three categories were significantly higher on exercise days.  Have a company gym?  Use it!  Helpful HG Hint: Remember to shower before heading back to work...

The Buzz...

There's a new book out that may appeal to Hungry Girls everywhere. American Heart Association's No-Fad Diet: A Personal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss offers a no-nonsense, no-fad approach to dieting, along with 190 recipes, quizzes and exercise strategies.  ***Love flavored liquid Coffee-Mate but hate all the calories that go along with it (even the fat free kind)?  Well, it's a good day, Mate, cause Coffee-Mate has introduced a new sugar free line that has just 15 calories and 1g fat per serving.  ***Coke Zero sightings have started.  The word on the street is this new soda ROCKS and kicks the butt of Diet Coke with Splenda.  OK, that's all we've got.  HG out...

We Heart This Book
We Heart This Book

Today, June 13th, is Kitchen Klutzes of America Day.  Sounds like a great day for you non-cooks to experiment with HG's easy Hungry Girlfredo recipe.

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