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Eat Jellybeans During Your Workout?!

The days of slurping icky tasting gels and goos that give you energy for working out are over.  Now, competitive athletes are enjoying the pick-me-up of carbs, vitamins and other good stuff, with Jelly Belly's new Sport Beans.  These just-debuted candies, which look like overgrown Jelly Bellys, come in Lemon Lime and Orange flavors, and are a fast, refreshing, electrolyte-packed treat.  HG Helpful Hint: These new energizing candies are really meant for athletes who are running marathons or doing competitive sports. They're not an excuse for you to down a pound of jellybeans while taking your morning stroll.
Frozen Entrees Good for Weight Loss

Want to drop a few pounds?  Frozen meals can help!   A recent study showed that people who chowed down on packaged frozen entrees lost more weight than those who didn't.  The reason?  Portion control.  There's simply less room for error when you're eating pre-made entrees.  Want to incorporate some delicious frozen meals into your diet?  Try some of the lower fat South Beach Diet meals, Gardenburger Meals, Lean Cuisine's Spa Cuisine, or foods make by a company called Eat-Rite (they're harder to find but sooo good!).  Heads up!  Some of these meals are very high in sodium so if you're watching your salt intake be careful.
Frozen Foods = A Dieters Best Friend
Frozen Foods = A Dieters Best Friend
SheFinds Good Stuff...
SheFinds Good Stuff...
Need Help Getting Into That Dress?

Want to look 10 lbs thinner in clothes?  Undergarments that pull, suck in and shape your body can help.  The days of embarrassing girdles and weird body contraptions are over.  Trust us.  For a peek at the latest and greatest body shapers, check this out.  These lifesavers were found by HG's pal Michelle who sniffs out bargains left and right.  Like to shop for shoes, clothes and accessories online?  Check out and sign up for shopping updates!
The Buzz...

A new study shows that taking in more calcium and vitamin D can help fight PMS.   Women who ate four servings a day of lowfat dairy or fortified OJ had a significantly lower risk of suffering from PMS than those who didn't.  Dreyer's Grand Light anyone?  ***Another recent study, conducted by a market research firm, showed that fresh fruit was the number one snack for kids 2 - 12.  Fruits, however, took a back seat to gum and candy, among adults.  Strange but true... ***Are you a fan of organic foods?  You NEED to check out the clever and veggie-rific Store Wars. "May the farm be with you..."  That's all we've got.  HG out!
Today, June 20th, is National Herb Day.   Enjoy some...they're REALLY good for you.  Oregano, thyme, dill and rosemary all pack a pretty significant antioxidant punch!
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