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Dear Hungry Girl,

Is turkey sausage a good way to get my protein in the AM or is it too high in calories & fat?  If it's fattening then what would you suggest I substitute it with?

-Loves Links

Dear Loves Links,

Turkey sausage is usually lighter than regular sausage.  While most lardy links of regular pork sausage pack in around 230 calories and 22 grams of fat for 3 links, links of turkey sausage usually contain around 120 calories and 8 grams of fat per 3 link serving.  That reduction does make indulging in turkey sausage a bit less hazardous to your health (and your weight) than eating the regular kind of sausage.  But frozen turkey sausage links still aren't exactly low cal, or low fat fare.  Why not try Healthy Choice's Low Fat Breakfast Sausage instead?  It's not turkey sausage (it's made with pork and turkey), but it has just 70 calories and 3 grams of fat per 3 link (or patty) serving.  However, like most processed meats, they contain significant amounts of nitrates and sodium.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I wouldn't recommend eating turkey sausages or light sausages on a daily basis.  That doesn't mean you need to cut them from your diet completely, just eat them in moderation.  As for other good sources of protein, try whipping up an egg white omelette.  You can even stuff it with lean turkey or a Boca meatless burger patty to get more protein.  Yum!

Dear Hungry Girl,

I love french fries, but am trying to avoid trans fats. Are there any trans fat free fries that I can buy at the supermarket?  Also, am I better off buying frozen french fries from a regular supermarket, or at a fast food place?

-French Fry Fan
Dear French Fry Fan,

You're right to think that you should avoid artery-clogging trans fats (you should).  But I completely understand your love of french fries (they are delicious).  Though most fast food and supermarket fries are filled with dangerous trans fats, there are a few frozen fry makers who've sucked those evil fats out of their fries without sucking out that fantastic french fry flavor.  Grab a few bags of Lamb Weston Inland Valley Crinkle Cut Fries or Alexia Fries in the frozen food section of your market, and you'll soon be munching on some trans fat free potato delights.  Feeling adventurous?  Try some of Ian's Sweet Potato Fries.  They're all natural, and trans fat free. As for the second part of your question, you're almost always better off buying a trans fat free supermarket brand than ordering fast food fries.  Most quick service restaurants serve fries with partially hydrogenated oils in them. And those oils are laden with trans fats.  Ewww... 

Friday is the first day of July, which is also National Ice Cream Month.  Get a jump on the celebration with a lowfat ice cream treat like a scoop of Dreyer's or Edy's Grand Light!
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