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Controlled Portions Rock!
Controlled Portions Rock!
Incredible Shrinking Snacks

Nabisco must have really been onto something good with their 100 Calorie Packs, because everyone and their snack-producing grandmother is jumping on that bandwagon!  Next up -- Pop Secret will bring us 100 calorie single serving popcorn bags, Frito Lay will roll out 75 calorie packs of their Lay's and Doritos snacks, and Keebler will debut new Gripz Chips Deluxe "rip 'n tip" mini chocolate chip cookies in 120-calorie bags.  Portion control is where it's at, baby!
Lean Cuisine's First-Ever Desserts...

If you're anything like us, at one point or another you've probably stared down dejectedly at your Lean Cuisine meal, wondering why there was no sweet treat included on that tray.  Well guess what?!  Each meal in LC's new line of Dinnertime Selects comes with one of three sweet and yummy desserts.  The 4 new chicken entrees (which feature fettuccini, penne, portabello mushrooms and more), each include either a chocolate cherry, caramel apple or apple crisp dessert.  We had the chance to meet Lean Cuisine's famous Chef Andy and taste these incredibly delicious desserts back in May, at the FMI show in Chicago.  You'll be able to taste them later this month when they hit store shelves.  Oh, by the way, each meal will still have under 400 calories and 9g of fat.  Yee-haa!
Now Dessert is Included...Sweet!
Now Dessert is Included...Sweet!
Oh K!
Oh K!
Special K: Getting Less Special?

Holy moly!  Kellogg's is adding yet another version of Special K to their cereal line.  Special K Fruit & Yogurt (which is low in fat & calories like the rest of the Special K line), features two kinds of oat clusters.  Fancy!  One's made with fruit and the other consists of yogurt covered oats, in case you're wondering.  The "K" line now includes FIVE (count 'em) versions of the popular morning meal.  In addition to the brand new flavor, there's regular Special K, Special K with Red Berries, Special K Vanilla Almond and Low Carb Special K.  Wow...that's a lot of Special K!  If they're not careful, they may have to change the name to "Common K" or "Played Out K" or just plain "K" or...well, you get the idea.

The Buzz...

If you get half as excited as we do about cute or pretty food, your head may explode when you catch a glimpse of the new "rainbow rice" scientists are developing.  The gorgeous grains will come in 14 beauteous colors, and the best part is, they won't be colored with dye -- just some natural colorings from healthy herbs, fruits & veggies...***Wondering what the new trendy diet buzzword is?  It's ZERO!  You've seen Sprite Zero and Coke Zero. Next up is Fresca Zero.  We're praying Haagen Dazs Zero shows up soon!  ***A new study conducted by researchers at Tulane University shows that soybeans may actually lower blood pressure.  More on that as things develop.  Ok, that's all we've got.  HG out!
Rainbow Bright!
Rainbow Bright!
Today, July 11th, is National German Chocolate Cake Day. Sit this one out.  It's not worth it.
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