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Dear Hungry Girl,

I've heard that eating dairy packs on pounds. Is this true?

-- Dissing Dairy

Dear Dissing Dairy,

Dairy is your friend!  Studies show that people who include lowfat dairy as part of their weight loss plan lose more weight (and keep it off longer!) than people who avoid dairy.  Research also suggests that calcium (found in dairy) can help burn fat. Insufficient calcium intake can make the body hold on to the fat stored in fat cells.  But don't head to Ben and Jerry's for a double scoop of Chunky Monkey just yet...dairy is only a healthy part of your weight loss plan if it's low in fat. Opt for skim milk, lowfat cheeses or light yogurt for your fix.

Dear Hungry Girl,

I've been hooked on  Starbucks Lowfat Apricot-Blueberry muffins recently.  Are they really good for your diet?

-- Stumped by Starbucks

Dear Stumped,

Calling that muffin from Starbucks "good for your diet" would definitely be a stretch. That thing has 360 calories, 6 grams of fat and 71 grams of carbs (that's 7 Weight Watchers points if you're counting).  Keep in mind, a plain bagel at McDonald's has just 260 calories and 1 gram of fat!  The truth is,  Starbuck's serves up diet-busting drinks and snacks that are MUCH worse for you than that muffin, but don't fool yourself into thinking that baby is  healthy or good for you  just because it's called "lowfat."

Don't keep ice cream at home. If you HAVE to eat some, drive (or better yet, walk!) to an ice cream shop. You're much less likely to indulge everyday and you'll only have a scoop or two at a time...

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