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SpongeBob VeggiePants!
SpongeBob VeggiePants!
Veggies With Character!

Are SpongeBob's square pants getting a little snug from all the Cheese Nips and Pop Tarts he's been eating?  Could be!  The newly health-conscious "spokes sponge" will soon do a 180 and go from bad-for-you snack endorser to bigtime vegetable-pusher.  Starting this fall, SpongeBob's friendly yellow face will grace bags of carrots and spinach.  Nickelodeon (the network that brings us SpongeBob SquarePants) has been spending a lot of time and effort on encouraging kids to eat right with their "Let's Just Play" initiative.  Making bags of fresh vegetables more fun, colorful and kid-friendly is a great way to entice kids to eat their veggies, instead of run screaming from them.  Go SpongeBob, go SpongeBob...
CSPI Petitions For Soft Drink Warnings

Our friends at CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest) are at it again.  The so-called nutrition nannies (a term people use negatively, but we find endearing), filed a petition with the FDA asking that warning notices be added onto non-diet beverages that contain more than 13g of refined sugar per 12 ounces.  The American Beverage Association strongly opposes this, and is fighting back.  The bottom line?  Sugary soft drinks are, without a doubt, a major contributor to the growing obesity and childhood obesity problems in this country.  And, without realizing it, many people (kids and adults alike) are gulping down as many as 300 - 500 extra calories of sugary goo each day.  What are your thoughts?  Are beverage warning labels a good idea, or a bad one?  Take our poll and let us know what you think...
Warning: These = Bad
Warning: These = Bad
Drink Your Way to a Free Flight!
Drink Your Way to a Free Flight!
Drink Water, Earn Miles...Weeeeee!

If you're an Aadvantage member and want to earn 500 extra Aadvantage miles for your account, it's easy!  Just pick up some of the specially marked 15-pack cases of Dannon Natural Spring Water that can be found at Walgreen's and other participating locations.  There's a limited supply of these babies, and you'll need to collect FIVE proofs of purchase and a redemption certificate to claim your miles, so hop to it!  By the way, these cases are priced so you get 15 bottles for the price of 12.  For more details, check out
The Buzz...

Wonder Bread is going against the grain.  Next month, they'll release a fancy new version of their bread that has the spongey, mushiness of white bread, but the healthy goodness and fiber of wheat bread.  This "White Bread Fans 100% Whole Grain" bread may have a clunky name, but it's a must-have for moms who pack kiddie lunches...  ***Wanna snack on a healthy and hip fruit? Go for some blueberries. Due to all the recent press they've gotten, blueberries have become the most in-demand fruit out there!  ***Last week, The World's Largest S'more was built. The 1,600 square foot snack was made with 40,000 marshmallows, 40,000 graham crackers and 14,000 chocolate bars. Uhhh, not to get technical, but there is NO WAY have they could toasted that thing... That's all we've got. HG out!
The Wheat is On!
The Wheat is On!

Today, July 18th, is National Caviar Day.  It may sound fishy, but caviar has been known to cure depression. 


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