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Next up in HG's Chew & Tell Fast Food Series...McDonald's!

If you can find the inner strength to resist their buttery, greasy morning biscuits, mayo-infested sandwiches, and oily fries and burgers, McDonald's isn't a horrible place to find a diet-friendly meal or snack. Here are the items we think are worth checking out...   

Fruit & Yogurt Parfait (3 WW Points) - Now that they axed the ginormous version from their menu, you can't do too much damage with one of these treats.  The yogurt in this adorable fruit-packed parfait happens to be, hands down, the BEST vanilla yogurt we've ever tasted.  And, if you leave off the granola (who needs it?), this thing has just 130 calories and 3g fat! Plus, it costs just a dollar.  How can you beat that?

English Muffin (3 WW Points)   -  If you're the type of person who NEEDS some kind of bread in the morning, go for a dry english muffin and add a little jelly.  The muffin alone has just 150 calories and it even has 2g of fiber.  You can even throw an egg on top for about 75 calories more.  Skip the butter, cheese and breakfast meats, though, if you know what's good for you.

Fruit & Walnut Salad, no Walnuts ( 3 WW Points)  -  Even though the candied walnuts on this salad are high in fat and calories, we decided to give it a whirl.  Turns out, the fine folks at McD's forgot to give us our packet of nuts.  Ooops!   That little mistake saved us 140 calories and 12g of fat.  We recommend avoiding the candied walnuts when you can (every once in a while they're ok) -- they're sugary and have lots of calories.  And we think this "salad" (which is really a small fruit bowl with a small amount of yogurt for dipping) is better as a breakfast or snack, than it is as a lunch or dinner.

The Salads  -  Ok, first off all, you need to know that all of these are practically identical.  They all start off with the same "base," which is a combo of iceberg and romaine lettuce, some purple cabbage, and a few tomatoes.  Even their Caesar salad is prepared this way...and typically those are tomato-free and made with just Romaine lettuce. That being said, the salads aren't bad.  Our favorite one was the Bacon Ranch Salad with grilled chicken  (Make sure you order the grilled chicken, and not the "crispy" version -- with all the salads.  That slip up will cost you around 90 calories and 7g of fat.)  Because the salads are so similar, you should choose your salad based on the little extras.  If you like bacon, get the ranch, if you like parmesan, get the Caesar, and if you are a fan of bleu cheese, go for the cobb.  No matter which salad you get, though, the only dressing you should even think about using is the Newman's Own Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette.  We recommend using half the pouch for 20 calories and 1.5g fat.

Ice Cream Cone (3 WW Points) - Congrats, McDonald's!  Your ice cream cone is completely awesome.  But don't think for one second that cone is comparable to a shake or a McFlurry.  It isn't.  One perfectly sized McDonald's cone contains 150 calories and 4.5g of fat. Those shakes and McFlurries come in at 500-600+ calories.  That's pure insanity!!!  Stick with the cones, people.  And don't let your friendly neighborhood McDonald's employee overstuff that cone.  That adds extra calories.  (Don't kid yourself.)

Apple Dippers w/ half the caramel (1 WW Point)  -  Apple Dippers... what a great concept!  A cute little bag of perfect, skinless apples (that stay crunchy and never turn brown) complete with a tiny container of gooey caramel to dip 'em in!   Wow!  The apples alone are just 35 calories.  The caramel adds another 70 if you eat all of it, but we recommend using about half.  Do that, and your snack will only be about 70 calories.  And even if you use the whole thing, it's still just a little over 100.  Not bad at all!

**HG Shout Out!  This week, Mickey D's launched a new line of premium chicken sandwiches.  The Classic is your best bet, but at 410 calories and 9g fat, we recommend ditching the mayo, and only eating HALF the bread.  That way it'll only have 245 calories and 3g fat.

Today, August 5th, is National Mustard Day.  Woohoo!  Put some Dijonnaise on at least 3 items today!

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