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Burn, Baby, Burn!
Burn, Baby, Burn!
Coke to Develop Calorie-Burning Tea?

One of the newest trends in the diet industry is calorie-burning beverages.  With a slew of smaller companies getting into the game with weight loss-aiding beverages like Fuze Slenderize, Skinny Water and Celsius, it would seem likely that some of the big boys would try to get in on the action. Enter Nestle and Coke.  The two industry giants are rumored to be joining forces to develop a new calorie-burning tea.  Insiders have been leaking details about the new tea, called "Enviga," which could be carbonated, and may come in several flavors, including lemon-lime, green tea, and orange.  Our friendly neighborhood Coke spokesperson declined to comment, other than to say that "Coke is working on a lot of new products, some of which will make it to the market and some that won't."  More details on this as things develop...
Serving Size: 100 Cookies?!

Can it be?  100 cookies in a serving?  Well, yes, but the brand new "Mini Peaks" cookies from Barry's Bakery (the masters behind "Twists") are pretty tiny and have just one calorie each.  We're intrigued.  These cute cups 'o cookies, which come in both vanilla and chocolate, are only sold at Super Wal-Mart for now, but look for them to be widely distributed in the coming months.  We can't wait to taste these little critters, as the thought of being able to eat 100 of anything in one serving makes us giddy.
1-Calorie Cookies!!!
1-Calorie Cookies!!!
Fudgy Fashions?!
Fudgy Fashions?!
Chocolate is T-rific!

Calling all chocoholics!  Entrepreneurial celebrity photographer Mark Husmann has launched a clever line of chocolate-scented t-shirts that may help kill a candy craving, without all of those unwanted calories and fat grams.  The smelly shirts come in several styles, feature different sayings, and are for sale online.  Mark promises that the aroma will last for the life of the shirt -- if you wash them inside out, and without scented detergents or fabric softeners.  HG Warning!  Only buy one of these if you're ok with people sniffing you every five minutes.
The Buzz...

As we've been reporting for months now, portion control is the new "low carb." And thank goodness there's finally a diet trend that makes sense! A brand new book called, The Portion Teller : Smartsize Your Way to Permanent Weight Loss, by Lisa Young (Ph.D., R.D.), is a great book that can help you control your portions, whatever your "Portion Personality" may be.  ***Heads up! Wendy's is adding strawberry yogurt w/granola to its menu.  Look for it at a drive-thru near you, but BEWARE; that sucker will cost you 300 calories and 6.5g of fat (though if you skip the granola, you'll save 100 calories and 4.5g fat!)  ***A recent study says U.S. sales of low-sugar and low-fat candies quadrupled between 2000 and 2004.  We think that's because there are at least four times as many low-sugar and low-fat candy options now.  That's all we've got. HG out!
Size Matters
Size Matters
August is National Peach Month.  A medium sized peach delivers lots of vitamins and minerals, and contains only 40 calories.  Peach it up, baby!
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