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Subway is a great place to go for a quick meal, if you want to eat something cheap,
fast & healthy. Here's what HG found out on her trip to the popular sub shop...   
The Sandwiches...

Everyone yaps up a storm about Subway's 7 Under 6 -- their 6 inch subs that have less than 6g of fat.  Yes, they're great...but did you know that there are better, lower cal choices for bread at Subway?  For example, their deli rolls have just 170 calories, as opposed to the 6" inch sub bread which has 200 (not to mention the honey oat which has 250 -- yikes!).  And, even better, their "carb conscious" wraps (a.k.a. tortillas) have just 120 calories and 8g of fiber!   AWESOME!   A friendly HG Warning:  Stuff those diet-friendly wraps with turkey, ham or roast beef -- the "carb conscious" wrap menu is FRIGHTENING!   Why they choose to offer up wraps packed with bacon, mayo, cheese and other fatty items is beyond us...and SO 2004!
The Salads (4-6 WW Points):

We LOVE Subway's salads, but, let's face it, they're basically sandwiches without the bread.  C'mon, who else puts dill pickles on a salad?!  The rest of the salad ingredients are also basically sandwich toppers -- shredded lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, onions, jalapenos, and bell peppers.  Granted, we're not complaining at all -- the salads are fresh, fun and healthy.  But it's hard to tell exactly how many calories these things have.  They're definitely low cal (around 250 calories or less) and good for you!  Both the Subway Club and Grilled Chicken & Baby Spinach salads are great, because you can basically design your own salad with anything you want!  Even when it comes to dressing, you have a few decent choices.  Opt for a packet of the  Kraft Fat Free Italian for 35 calories, or get a side of their fantastic fat free Sweet Onion Sauce and dip sparingly (40 cal. for 2.5 Tbsps).  HG Heads Up!  Be careful -- Subway offers a fat free honey mustard sauce that has 30 cal. per serving -- but don't confuse that with the 22g of fat Atkins honey mustard dressing disaster.  Eeeeks!
Tips & Tricks...

Skip the cheese on all items.  You don't need it.

Remember -- that seemingly innocent Honey Wheat 6" sub roll has 250 calories.  Skip it!

Subway's best bread bet is definitely their 120 calorie, 8g fiber wrap!  It rocks!

Want dessert?  Skip their fatty cookies and grab a 50 calorie Fruit Roll-Up instead!

Need chips?  Go for a bag of Baked Lays.  Subway is the only national fast food joint that serves these HG faves!
Subway Shockers!

Don't be fooled by the 7 under 6 claim of the Sweet Onion Teriyaki sub. That thing has 370 calories!

The "Carb Conscious" wraps are embarrassing.  With all that bacon, and/or mayo, they clock in at over 440 calories each.  Yikes!  And you don't even wanna know about the fat grams they contain...

Don't kid yourself.  Tuna at Subway is NOT a smart choice.  That gunk is loaded with mayo and over 30g of fat per serving!  The 6" tuna Sub has 530 calories!

The Meatball & Marinara and Chicken Bacon Ranch 6" subs have 610 and 640 calories respectively.  Gross!

The Chipotle Southwest Sauce is pretty much all fat.  And one measly serving has 100 calories!
This Sunday, August 14th, is National Creamsicle Day. Slurp up a sugar free one!
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