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The Big Chill: Surviving Frozen Yogurt

June is National Frozen Yogurt Month. Here's how to celebrate wisely...

Best Bets!

HAAGEN-DAZS SORBET & YOGURT BARS - 90 calories, no fat and lots of raspberry/vanilla goodness. We're hooked!

COSTCO SOFT SERVE YOGURT - Skip the fatty samples at Costco and instead grab a 4 oz. Kirkland frozen yogurt. It's fat free, has just 90 calories per 4 oz. and is pretty much the only safe thing to snack on while shopping there.

Size Matters...

A so-called 4 oz. serving at your local yogurt shop often contains 6-8 oz. or more. Have them weigh it for you. Remember, more oz. = more fat, carbs & calories!


COUNTING CARBS?  Check out TCBY's "Low Carb Lovers" Frozen Yogurt (4 net carbs per 4 oz.) and their impressive array of one-carb-or-less toppings!

COUNTING POINTS?  Stick with soft serve Wow Cow (available at many malls & yogurt shops). It has less than 10 calories per oz. and is fat free!  Up to 7 oz. of this stuff is just one point.  It also tastes GREAT!


Top This...

If you need to get a topping on your frozen treat, opt for a few nuts or some fresh fruit. Beware: Fat free brownies, fat free/sugar free hot fudge and sugary fruit in syrup may contain more calories than the yogurt itself!


If you're looking for a light, diet-friendly yogurt treat, skip Ben & Jerry's Phish Food. Each 1/2 cup serving contains 230 calories, 5 grams of fat (4 of them saturated) and 42 carbs! YIKES!

"Everything Yogurt" is the world's oldest frozen yogurt chain. Their first store opened on NY's Wall Street in 1976! Cool!

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