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Dear Hungry Girl,

I was wondering if you could recommend any books to go along with your site. In particular, I am looking for ones that deal with the mental  aspect of food. Those cravings can be a killer sometimes.

-Emotional Eater
Dear Emotional,

Weight loss and weight maintenance are complicated things.  And our emotions can definitely affect how and what we eat.  Some of us shovel everything in sight down our throats when we're stressed.  Others snack more or overeat when they're sad, lonely, bored, anxious, depressed -- or even when they're happy.  Some of us, unfortunately, do all of the above!   And we don't just soothe ourselves with food, we celebrate with it, too.  Birthdays, weddings, holidays and other special occasions always revolve around giant foodfests.  And when we emotionally eat, we're usually not scarfing down the healthy stuff.  C'mon now, does anyone really stuff their face with a  bag of baby carrots after they've had a fight with a friend, are having relationship troubles, or are frustrated with their boss?   For lasting weight loss, you can't only focus on how to lose weight (calorie counting, low cal foods, etc...).  You've also got to face your attitude towards food, and the ways your moods influence your eating habits.  I recommend the following books that deal with the mental aspect of food, and offer strategies for overcoming emotional eating.  Hope they help!

Weight Watchers Coach Approach 

Emotional Eating : What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Next Diet, by Edward Abramson

The End of Diets: Healing Emotional Hunger, by Dilia de la Altagracia 

Dear HG,

I am searching for the best low calorie wines. Do you have any suggestions on the best red and white wines?  Thanks!

-Wine Lover
Dear Wine Lover,

I've got both good news and bad news for you. First off, there are very few low cal wines floating around (and none I could find that were red).  The low cal wines that are on the market are made from the first grapes picked in the season.  That's because younger grapes contain less sugar and, therefore, less alcohol and fewer calories.  The thing is, these wines still contain about 97 calories per 5 ounces.  Which isn't too bad...until you consider that regular wine only has around 105 calories per 5 ounces (this is the good news).  With the numbers being so close, I'd recommend just sticking to good old regular wine.  What are you gonna do with those extra eight calories anyhow?  Eat 5 Tic Tacs?   Besides, studies show that red wine can be good for your heart.  The bottom line is, if you like to enjoy an occasional glass of wine, treat yourself to one a few times a week -- without feeling guilty.  And if you really want to cut out wine calories, mix a smaller amount of your wine with some club soda to make a wine spritzer.  Cheers!

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