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Go Fish!
Go Fish!
Pepperidge Farm Introduces Whole Grain Goldfish

Keeping in line with one of the hottest supermarket trends of the year, Pepperidge Farm has added Goldfish Cheddar Crackers made with Whole Grains to their suite of fishtastic little snacks.  One serving (which includes 55 of these cheese-tastic sea creatures) packs in 17% of the daily recommendation for whole grains.  With just 140 calories and 5g of fat (plus 2g fiber!), they're great as on-the-go snacks, in kids' lunches, or  as cheesy salad-toppers.  These crispy critters are worth checking out. really DON'T need to eat 55 of 'em.  With 22 crackers, 1/2 a serving is plenty, and has just 70 calories and 2.5g of fat (1 point if you count). 
Kellogg's Hearts Fiber!

Kellogg's says 9 out of 10 Americans need more fiber, and they're asking YOU to take their 2 Week Fiber Challenge.  The cereal masters insist that people who eat a bowl of fiber-rich Frosted Mini Wheats, Raisin Bran or All-Bran a day, for two weeks, will "feel a difference."  Ok, we have no idea what that actually means, but we do know this: Kellogg's is putting a HUGE push behind fiber and they've even launched a cute little web site that features everything from fiber facts and a fiber quiz, to an interactive fiber-tracking journal, and everything in between.  If you're ready for some fiber-ific fun, check it out!

Fun With Fiber!
Fun With Fiber!
The New TV Ads Start TODAY!
The New TV Ads Start TODAY!
"Housewives" Launch New 7Up Plus Flavors!

Good news if you love 7Up Plus.  The calcium-infused beverage is now available in TWO new varieties -- Cherry and Island Fruit.  7Up is launching these new fun 10-calorie sodas with a brand new TV ad campaign featuring Desperate Housewives stars Nicolette Sheridan and Marcia Cross.  In the new "Supermarket Showdown" ads, the two actresses try to "one-up" each other by loading insane amounts of  7Up Plus into their shopping carts.  In the end, Cross wins, after she manages to cart off with the adorable stock boy.  Unfortunately, we can't promise you a date with a hot stock boy, but we did try the new sodas and they ARE pretty good.

The Buzz...

According to a recent UCLA study, strawberries may be the most effective (of all commonly consumed berries) in fighting cancer cells.  Why?  It has to do with their ability to induce aptosis, a process that enhances the death of cancer cells.  ***Get ready for Formula 7!  It's 7-Eleven's brand new exclusive line of bars and energy drinks.  Guess you'll soon be able to add these vitamin-packed snacks to your list of HG-friendly convenience store goodies***The brand new issue of Looking Good Now! magazine hits newsstands TODAY.  And not only does it have another 2-page Hungry Girl feature, it also contains guilt-free recipes, and a must-see Couch Potato Workout (yes, you can actually work out while you watch TV)!  That's all we've got.  HG out!
Berry Impressive!
Berry Impressive!
Today, August 29th, is National "More Herbs, Less Salt" Day.   Ditch the shaker and get your garlic on!
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