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These seven good-for-you items top HG's list of superfoods! 

Tomatoes actually get healthier when you cook 'em.  That's because heat releases a powerhouse antioxidant in tomatoes called lycopene.  A 1995 Harvard University study found that men who ate 10 or more servings of processed tomatoes each week were 45 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer.  Evidence also shows that lycopene can help lower breast cancer risk, heart disease risk, and cholesterol.  And, on top of all that, tomatoes taste good!  Pssst...tomato sauce isn't the only product with tons of lycopene.  Any processed tomato product will do...even ketchup.  Some tomato-y foods are packed with sugar, though, so be careful!



Turns out that kooky Quaker Oats guy knows what he's talking about... oats are awesome!  These complex carbs are high in fiber, low in fat, and make a delicious and satisfying breakfast.  Oats are also known to clean out arteries, lower cholesterol and reduce the occurrence of heart disease.  Impressive!  It's too bad they can't take out the garbage or do the laundry.  Then they'd be perfect!  HG Tip: Opt for the slow cooking oats (which still only take like 5 minutes to make), over the instant kind.  They cause less of a spike in blood sugar levels.



Light (low fat and fat free) yogurts are quick, portable, and very good for you.  Each carton of the stuff contains a perfect balance of complex carbs and protein -- a combo that'll keep you full for quite a while. Light yogurts are also great because they're a source of low fat dairy.  And some studies have found that dieters who include low fat dairy in their diets lose more weight than those who don't.



Not only is salmon super-high in protein, and very low in saturated fat, but salmon is also the absolute best source of omega-3 fatty acids there is.  Omega-3's offer up a plethora of health benefits, including preventing heart disease, Alzheimer's, depression, arthritis and diabetes.  Salmon is also famous for making hair shine, skin glow and nails strong.  Bottom line, eat salmon and there's a good chance you'll look and feel better.  How can you beat that?



Nuts may contain a lot of fats, but they're the healthy, mono-and polyunsaturated kind.  These "good fats" can help lower cholesterol, and prevent heart disease.  Nuts also contain good-for-you protein, fiber, vitamins E and A, and selenium.  But, wait!  Don't knock back a can of roasted peanuts just yet.  Nuts are pretty high in calories, so eat only a small handful as a snack.  And don't worry, they're bigtiime hunger suppressors so you'll feel satisfied with just that one handful serving.  HG Tip!  Eat nuts slowly, so you'll start to feel satisfied before you do too much damage in the calorie department.



Egg whites are versatile, easy to prepare, and a super source of protein.  Yay!   Eggs are also a great source of dietary choline, an essential nutrient.  To make these extremely low cal egg whites even better for you, toss some antioxidant-rich veggies into your omelette or scramble.  You know what they say, "nothing beats a great pair of eggs."  Ok, um, maybe no one says that -- but they should.



All berries (and fruits in general for that matter) are good for you.  But blueberries are the absolute superstars of the fruit world when it comes to health benefits. They contain more antioxidants than any other fruit, and are also good sources of vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium.  Plus, one cup of these deep blue wonders contains around 80 calories and 5g of fiber.  Berry awesome!


Today, September 8th, is National Date Nut Bread Day.  Sounds like the perfect day to take some nut bread out to the movies.
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