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Oooo...They're Shaped Like Peanuts!
Oooo...They're Shaped Like Peanuts!
Breaking News For Peanut Butter Lovers

If you're a fan of both peanut butter and controlled portion snacks, you'll be bursting with glee when you hear our news. This week Nabisco is rolling out Planters Peanut Butter Cookie Crisps 100 Calorie Packs. These packets of cute little peanut-shaped treats will give you a PB cookie fix for just 100 calories and 3 grams of fat.  Amazing!  By the way, Nabisco's controlled portion snacks have been selling like MAD, with the Oreo Thin Crisps and Chips Ahoy! varieties flying off the shelves fastest.  We think these new peanut butter-ific treats are gonna give those a run for their money.
Eat Dairy, Lose More Weight?

Recent studies show that enjoying 3 servings of milk, cheese or yogurt each day, as part of a reduced-calorie diet, can help adults achieve better results when it comes to trimming their waistlines than cutting calories while consuming little or no dairy.  That being said, 3-A-Day Dairy has launched a new campaign that targets women (specifically moms).  As part of this pro-dairy push, they're serving up contests (you can win a trip to Hawaii), and giving away free interactive CDs called "Tips & Tools for a Slimmer You."  This CD is filled with advice, recipes, workouts and more.  You can pick it up at select grocery stores, or by visiting the
There's Somethng About Dairy...
There's Somethng About Dairy...
Self Hypnosis to Lose Weight
Self Hypnosis to Lose Weight
Dieters Turning to Hypnosis to Lose Weight

According to a recent article in the Washington Post, hypnosis is fast becoming THE weight loss tool of choice for many Americans.  Professionals, like Dr. Brian Alman, report the number of patients they're treating with hypnosis for weight-related issues has increased significantly in the past five years.  This technique's success is attributed to the fact that patients are in a relaxed state while being treated, and therefore more open to suggestion.  Bottom line; it's working.  Successful dieters have been saying they have more control, can pass up tempting foods, and even that "smelling the foods is enough." For more information, check out the following links:

Keep It Off by Dr. Brian Alman

Society of Psychological Hypnosis
The Buzz...

Spotted on the shelves!!!  HG has sniffed out some awesome new products this past week. Quaker Quakes, those crunch 60-calorie rice snacks, have arrived in Kettle Corn flavor.  Outstanding!  Also new from Quaker (they're busy over there!) is their Weight Control Oatmeal. Hungry Girl also peeped Pillsbury's Sugar Free Cinnamon Rolls at her local market.  Fiber-packed and just 100 calories each, these are definitely worth seeking out. ***Good news from the world of People's Your Diet Magazine.  We heard a little rumor that there may be a new issue on newsstands in January.  Let's hope that's true.  More on that as things develop.  That's all we've got.  HG out!
Go Ahead...Quake My Day!
Go Ahead...Quake My Day!
Hey! It's National Egg Salad Week. Try making yours HG-friendly by using egg whites and Dijonnaise! Mmmmm...

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