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We recently scoped out our local mall's food court in search of HG-friendly options. After our trip, we decided it's probably a good idea to keep the mall about shopping,
not eating. Here's the 411...   
Panda Express:

Our overall feeling about Panda Express was that the food seemed way too greasy to have as little calories and fat as their web site promises. Because of this, we would ALWAYS count extra calories, fat (and points) for meals eaten there. Here's our bottom line:

The Good...

Egg Flower Soup (2 WW Points): We tried and loved this stuff. It's a fairly filling, thick broth with bits of egg and corn tossed in!  Each delicious serving has just 80 calories and is well worth it.

Mixed Veggies (1 WW Point): The vegetables at Panda are great! They're very fresh tasting, and made with a sauce that's saucy enough to give the veggies flavor, yet light enough to be guilt-free. For just 70 calories, we say these things are a fabulous option.

Veggie Egg Roll (2 WW Points):
If it really has just 80 calories and 2.5g of fat, it's the find of the century. It tasted good, but ours was really greasy. Watch out!

Chicken & Mushrooms (3 WW Points): This dish isn't bad. It has pieces of chicken, mushrooms and zucchini. Panda says it only has 130 calories and 7 grams of fat. If the numbers are right, it's great. Again, we felt that this dish seemed a bit oily.

**Overall notes. We say you're safest here with soup, veggies and whichever chicken dish looks the lightest and least greasy. And we'd definitely recommend counting extra calories when eating here!  Some of the chicken dishes appear to be fatty.
Heads Up About Sbarro!

Here's the sad truth about Sbarro; when we tried to order the guilt-free items that were listed on their web site -- like their salads (there are like 5 listed), fruit, and reduced calorie/low carb pizza, they were nowhere to be found. Our particular location only had pizza and some italian dishes. Everything was HUGELY fattening and there were absolutely no good options. So, be careful.  Don't expect to find anything remotely healthy there -- have a back-up plan.
Mall or Nothing...

Overall, we found that the mall seems to have a "county fair" attitude when it comes to food. Each time we visited another stop at the food court and inquired about anything remotely healthy, we were stared at as if we had asked them to give us foot massages. Blank, confused stares. It was odd and unsettling. And it happened EVERY time.

Forget trying to plan ahead by searching web sites for various mall restaurants.  Chances are you'll show up and find that they don't serve what you're looking for.  You're better off winging it.  If there's a mexican place, order some lettuce, tomato, chicken, and salsa, and make your own guilt-free salad. If there's a sandwich place, you can do the same by ordering some lunch meat and veggies. Even The Great Steak & Potato Company will make low cal salads with their steak and chicken!

Don't be fooled by Smoothies. The smoothies at the mall we visited had 400-600 calories each! We don't think it's worth it...see if your smoothie place will sell you a banana or some other fruit instead!

Why not bring your own snacks to the mall?  Take along a bar, fruit, or something else that'll keep you satisfied until you leave.

September 16th is National Cinnamon Raisin bread day!  Celebrate with a low carb Cinnamon Raisin bagel bar!

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