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Dear Hungry Girl,

I've taken your advice to weigh everything, since many prepackaged foods are heavier than the packages indicate, which means more calories! My question is this: If the item actually weighs LESS than the package indicates, can you deduct calories accordingly? One of my favorite food products often weighs only about 70 percent of what the package says it weighs. Does it have only 70 percent of the calories? Thanks!

Watching the Weight
Dear Watching,

It's a good idea to weigh everything -- even packaged food. And, while the food often weighs MORE than the package indicates (which works against you in the calories and fat departments), there are those special times when your food actually weighs LESS than the label states. And since all nutritionals are based on weight, you absolutely ARE consuming fewer calories if the food weighs less than it's supposed to.  That's when you get to whip out your handy-dandy calculator to determine just how many calories your food actually does contain.  And to answer your question, yes, if your food weighs 30% less than it's supposed to, it will also contain 30% fewer calories.  Cool, huh?   I have to say, though, this rarely happens.  A sad fact, but true.

Dear Hungry Girl,

I read about Buitoni vegetable sauce from you and I cannot find it at my grocery store. Can you help me?

Dear Sauce-Seeker,

You are no doubt, referring to the garden vegetable sauce featured in our "Saucy Talk" email. This fantastic sauce has become increasingly difficult to locate. In fact, even my local supermarket (Gelsons, woo hoo!) doesn't seem to have it anymore. A search for this sauce on the Buitoni web site turned up nothing as well, so I called the company to get to the bottom of this marinara mystery. I was told that the sauce is still, in fact, being manufactured, and that we just need to ask our local stores to carry it. That's where you all come in. Let's ALL march (or walk -- your call) into our local markets and ask them to carry Buitoni Garden Vegetable Sauce. It's the only fresh, low-cal, low fat, veggie-packed marinara sauce I've found.  Listen, fellow sauce-lovers.  We can't let this amazing veggie creation get away.  And it sounds like it might be slipping through our fingers. Let's do what we can to save it!  After all, we owe it to our Shirataki noodles.  (By the way, there's a GREAT noodle email coming up tomorrow!)

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