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This Could Be YOU!
This Could Be YOU!
Are YOU LGN's Next Cover Model?

Ever dreamed of becoming a model for a national magazine?  Well, Looking Good Now! is searching for people who have lost a lot of weight using a safe diet and exercise program. The monthly magazine highlights real people and their weight loss stories in every issue (and on its cover!).  If this describes you, and you're interested in being featured, email them at  Who knows?  You might be their next cover girl.  Just remember to tell them HG sent you!
Veggies May Keep Your Brain Young

A new study shows that it may be extra-important to eat vegetables as you get older.  Researchers in Boston found that older men who ate folate-rich vegetables (and fruits) showed less of a decline in thinking skills and memory than those who didn't.  Folate is a B vitamin found in veggies like broccoli, spinach and romaine lettuce, as well as citrus fruits.  Does the same thing apply to women?  There have been no comparative studies completed as of yet, but some experts say the results would likely be the same.  Just one more reason to eat your veggies...
Eat Broccoli, Keep You Brain Young!
Eat Broccoli, Keep You Brain Young!
Popping Up On Shelves...
Popping Up On Shelves...
New Product Alert!

Here are some hot new items to keep an eye out for...

Jolly Time Healthy Pop 100 Calorie Packs - Our popcorn pals at Jolly Time are the latest folks to hop on that 100 calorie bandwagon. Their Healthy Pop (both Butter and Kettle Corn flavors) now comes in bags that contain 100 calories worth of popcorn.  FYI, these will replace the Healthy Pop Minis.

Whole Grain Cookies from Nabisco - Whole grain versions of popular cookie snacks like Fig Newtons and Chips Ahoy! are now available. These new trans fat free treats may be a better alternative for kids than the regular versions, but you should know that the calorie and fat counts are very similar to their non-whole grain counterparts.

Keebler Gripz - Those creative Keebler elves have been busy making teeny-tiny versions of their Cheez-Its and Chips Deluxe snacks. The good news is, these adorable treats come in individual pouches, so portions are controlled.  The less good news?  They have 120 - 130 calories and 5-6g fat per serving -- which is a little more than most other controlled portion cookie and cracker snacks.
The Buzz...

HG Warning: Step away from the sandwich!!!   Burger King's new Meat'Normous Omelet is bad news, despite the fact that it sounds like Hungry Girl named it.  The horrifying mix of bacon, egg, cheese, sausage, and ham on a bun has 770 calories and 47g of fat...Eeek!  ***Good news for our Canadian subscribers.  Coke Zero is now available in Canada!  Diet soda fans have been raving about this new calorie-free soda, insisting it's going to knock Diet Coke right off the shelves.***An interactive version of the new food pyramid, "MyPyramid for Kids" has been released.  Although it's easy to use and more fun than the adult version, experts are complaining that the government isn't doing nearly enough to educate kids about healthy eating. Michael Jacobsen, who heads up The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) complains, "The materials don't even have the guts to urge kids to drink less soda pop, to eat less candy."  Guess the government is leaving that part up to parents.  Kellogg's is trying to do their part by targeting kids with their "Get in Step" initiative which features Tony the Tiger encouraging kids and families to walk more.  That's all we've got.  HG out!
Coke Zero Rocks, Eh?!
Coke Zero Rocks, Eh?!
October is National Apple Month. Celebrate with an apple a day!
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