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In case you missed 'em, here's a round up of HG's Chew & Tell Restaurant Reviews...   

HUNGRY GIRL HEADS UP:  We have added WW points to all of our past "Chew & Tell" Reviews.   Click around for hours of fun!

Wendy's has a lot of healthy options -- great salads, and the best fruit salad of all.  Their chili is awesome, too!   Click here for HG's entire Chew & Tell review.

Honestly, McDonald's tries hard, but it doesn't always succeed.  Their salads are pretty good in a pinch...but not the best-tasting fast food salads by a long shot.  Mickey Ds, however, does have the best dessert and breakfast choices.  Click for the 411...
Burger King

BK's chicken can't be beat.  And their salads ROCK, too.  Believe it or not, there are a lot of good-for-your-diet options at Burger King.   Check out the rest of the good stuff on their menu.
Taco Bell

Ordering Taco Bell's items "fresco style" is the way to go. They'll substitute cheese and sauce with their pico de gallo.  Yum!  And Taco Bell is definitely the most affordable of all the restaurants we went to.  Click to take a peek at our favorite things.

Subway has tons of great calorie-friendly options. There are wraps, sandwiches, salads and more -- and all can be special-ordered to your liking.  Yee-Haa!

Does everybody need a little KFC?  Could be! There are yummy salads, some chicken sandwich options and even the world's cutest strawberry shortcake dessert.  Click for the lowdown on what the Colonel has to offer...

You CAN have a fun 'n fancy coffee break without blowing your diet. Starbucks is serving up both hot & cold beverage treats that'll kick your afternoon into high gear -- without blowing a day's worth of calories.  Click for proof.
Panera Bread

We love Panera soooo much.  Their soups may change your life.  Their salads are fresh and delicious.  They even have some healthy bread options.  Check out what Panera has to offer.
October is International Microwave Month.  Butters and oils needed to saute foods conventionally are not needed when foods are microwaved...So nuke it up and save calories!
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