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Dear Hungry Girl,

What are the best (or least worst) fun size Halloween chocolates to eat?  I need to get ready, you know, for the kids. Yeah, the kids...

Dear Chocoholic,

Chocolate is chocolate, I'm afraid.  It doesn't really matter much if you have a tiny Snickers for 80 calories, or a small 3 Musketeers for 95 calories, because most of these so-called "fun size" candy bars have about the same number of calories.  Small Butterfinger bars clock in a bit higher at 100.  The worst part about these tiny chocolates is that they aren't satisfying if you eat just one.  Face it, there's nothing "fun" about a fun size candy bar!  People usually end up swallowing 3-5 of these things at a time -- which means they're consuming more calories than they would if they ate a regular full-size size candy bar.  So I say fun size chocolate bars of any kind are a big fat mistake!  However, if you MUST have some petite chocolate items in your home for Halloween, go for the small size Peppermint Patties.  They're 53 calories, have 1 gram of fat each, and they're not nearly as addictive as other chocolates.  But I think should you ditch the chocolate altogether and stock your house with candy you don't like.  That way you won't be tempted by it. If you're not ready to take such drastic measures, then go for fat free candies like lollipops or gummis. I'm sure "the kids" will be just as happy with them once they know how many calories and fat grams they'll be saving from the switch.  My advice is to go easy on the candy this Halloween. Remember, there's nothing scarier than waking up and finding out that your pants don't fit.

Dear Hungry Girl,

I loooove Jamba Juice, but it's insanely high in calories. Is there any way to make a Jamba Juice smoothie lower in calories?  Have any tips &/or tricks for us?

Dear Jamba-Jazzed,

Sure, I've got some Jamba tricks. Actually, a friend of mine is the one that came up with this awesome idea.  Go in there and create your own smoothie.  Instead of using fruit juice and/or frozen yogurt as a base, just ask for carrot juice.  It tastes GREAT, and  is soooo good for you.  In fact, carrot juice is often referred to as a "miracle juice" because it's insanely rich in vitamins and minerals.  So have them make your smoothie with about 8 oz of carrot juice, and ditch the frozen yogurt.  Then choose a bunch of fresh fruits to add to the carrot juice and ice (fruits that work GREAT are mangoes, blueberries, strawberries, and bananas). Yum!  Do this, and you'll end up with a fruit-tastic, lower-cal, HEALTHY smoothie.  Also, you may or may not know that Jamba now offers "Enlightened Smoothies" that are made with a special lower calorie dairy base.  These reduced-cal drinks have 1/3 fewer calories than Jamba's regular smoothies.

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