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Old TaB:  The Newest Swan!
Old TaB: The Newest Swan!
Coke to Revive Tab!

Makeovers are so "in" these days.  Even for beverages. Diet Rite re-invented their Diet Rite line by changing it to Diet Rite Zero, and Fresca, (the old grapefruit-flavored fizzy fave) splashed back onto the soda scene with some new flavors earlier this year. The next "blast from the past" beverage that'll be revived is TaB. TaB, as you may or may not know, is a diet cola drink from waaaay back. It was HOT back in the 70s -- eons before Diet Coke was even a twinkle in the Coca-Cola Company's eye. The thing is, instead of being yet another diet cola beverage from Coke (they're already confusing everyone with Diet Coke and Coke Zero!), the new TaB is an energy drink called TaB Energy. Coca-Cola spokespeople are being extremely tight-lipped about the beverage, which will likely hit the shelves in 2007, but the buzz is it'll come in a skinny, pink, girly can -- and be loaded with caffeine.  Weeeee!
Splenda Introduces Brown Sugar Blend

Just in time for baking season, it's Splenda's new Brown Sugar Blend!  The new brown sugar substitute, which is a mixture of brown sugar and splenda, has half the calories, half the sugar and half the carbs of regular brown sugar, and can be used as a swap anywhere the traditional kind is used.  Don't get us wrong, if you use this stuff to make a pecan pie, it'll still have about a bazillion calories, but we say save where you can.

A Great New Oatmeal-Topper!
A Great New Oatmeal-Topper!
Win a Dance Game TODAY!
Win a Dance Game TODAY!
Video Games Can Help Kids Lose Weight

Kids spend countless hours sitting on their butts watching TV, surfing the web and playing videogames. Of course all of these things are partially to blame for the ever-growing childhood obesity problem in the US. But now the trend has changed, and videogames that involve jumping, dancing and SWEATING are all the rage. These games burn as much as 300 - 400 calories per hour. And the best part is, they're acting as GREAT exercise tools for kids without kids even realizing it!
The Buzz...

Get out your black skirts, people...looks like we have another low carb funeral to attend. The latest product to bite the dust, due to sluggish sales, is low carb Total Protein. So long, tasteless breakfast cereal!  ***Rumor has it McDonald's is considering serving up its nutritional info right on the packaging of its products. That means that instead of having to scour the Micky D's web site for the info, there's a chance you'll be soon be able to see just how much fat, sodium, calories, etc. are in that Big Mac just by looking at the label.  Let's see if McDonald's is brave enough to do it. HG says it'll never happen.  ***Spotted on the Shelves: It's that time of year again!  Dreyer's and Edy's Grand Light have released their limited edition Orange & Cream. The vanilla ice cream/orange sorbet combo will only be available for a short time, so grab it while you can.  We also eyed some better-for-you Halloween treats at our local market. Both Welch's Mixed Fruit Snacks and Sun-Maid Milk Chocolate Raisins now come in fun size packs. Yet another exciting item we found this week was brand new Dasani flavored water in strawberry.  We already love the raspberry and the lemon so we have high hopes for this one. Woohoo!   That's all we've got.  HG out!
Consider it Totaled.
Consider it Totaled.

Today, October 10th, is National Angel Food Cake Day.  Angel Food Cake is a very light, often fat free cake that contains about 120 calories per 2oz. slice.  Not bad!

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