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It's Mac, It's Cheese...It's SUPERMAC!

Do you or the kids in your life have a weakness for Kraft Macaroni &
Cheese?  Perhaps you should check out their new Supermac & Cheese!  Aside from having a really cool name, this new spin on an old cheesy pasta fave comes in fun shapes like Spiderman and SpongeBob.  But that's not what has the masses all abuzz.  The hook of this stuff is that it's made with whole grain pasta, and contains lots of calcium, and vitamins A, D and E.  It even has some iron and 3 grams of fiber per cup.  Don't get the wrong idea -- it's still not low in calories or fat (far from it), but it's definitely a better choice for kids than the original...and it's not the end of the world if mom has a few forkfuls either...
Protein Can Increase Benefits of Exercise

A new study shows that diets rich in protein can actually increase the
effectiveness of exercising, and help you lose fat faster. 48 women
participated in a study that was published in The Journal of Nutrition.  The women were split into two groups, and although each group consumed the same number of calories, members of one group enjoyed diets rich in protein, while the other group ate more carbs.  Both groups exercised pretty intensely.   After the 4-month study was complete, the group of high protein-eaters not only lost more weight, but almost 100% of their lost weight was fat, as opposed to the carb-fed group, whose lost weight was as much as 25-30% muscle.  Hmmmm...maybe you should be reaching for some turkey slices instead of that energy bar before your workout!
Workouts + Protein = YAY!
Workouts + Protein = YAY!
Nuke It, Baby!
Nuke It, Baby!
New Microwaveable South Beach Pizzas!

Every time we write about Kraft's South Beach Diet pizzas we're barraged with emails from people who are upset that these frozen pies aren't microwavable.  Dozens of people have written in whining that although they love these high-fiber lunch options, they're just not practical to brown bag because they can't be nuked.  As of this month, all that has changed.  Drumroll,  please... All of the pizzas in the South Beach Diet line are now fully microwavable.  Hooray!   That means you can take 'em to work with you, heat 'em up faster in your own home, and, most importantly, stop complaining to us (ummm, not that we don't enjoy your complaining).
The Buzz...

As queens of customizing everything (chopped, no dressing, no cheese, sauce on the side, blah blah blah), we were super-excited to learn about the new Trident Fusion Gum.  Why?  Because it's fully customizable.  There are two competing flavors (sweet vs. sour, or extreme vs. mellow) and you get to pick and choose how much of each you want.  So far it's available in two flavors -- strawberry and mint.  Cool, huh?!    ***The 5th Special K cereal has arrived!  It's Special K Fruit & Yogurt, and this one features crispy whole grain wheat and rice flakes, and two different types of oat clusters -- one of oats and fruit, and the other of yogurt-coated oats.  Yum!  ***A recent European study concluded that a diet rich in carotene, a nutrient found in brightly colored fruits and vegetables, can help you live longer, and possibly even fight heart disease and ward off cancer.  Most effective?  Mixing colors.  Go for things like blueberries, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, and onions (according to the "Eat 5 to 9 a Day for Better Health" web site).  That's all we've got.  HG out!

Design Your Own Gum
Design Your Own Gum
Today, October 17th, is National Pasta Day.  Careful how you celebrate
this one, people!
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