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Fiber-packed foods ROCK! Take a look at these fiber rich food finds. Some may surprise you... 
Lean Pockets Ultra:

Who'd think you could get a whopping 7 grams of fiber from a frozen pocket sandwich stuffed with ham & cheese, or meatballs & mozzarella?  Well, it's true.  Lean Pockets Ultra's satisfying whole grain pockets make for an awesome fiber-rich snack or meal.  Yum!



Fiber? In ice cream?  As weird as it sounds, it's true.  Breyers' new line of healthy and super-creamy double churned ice creams pack in tons of fiber.  How much?  Their 100 calorie Carb Smart Light Chocolate Peanut Butter variety has an impressive 5 grams in a serving, while their 70 calorie per serving ice creams have 4g.   Cool!


No Pudge Giant Fudgy Bars:

Want a Giant Fudgy Bar?  No problem!  Each bar has just 60 calories and no fat.  AND each bar has a surprising 6 grams of fiber.  That's pretty good for a frozen chocolatey treat.


Soy Slender Soy Milk:

Sucking down fiber through a straw is fun!  Soy Slender's 70 calorie per cup soy milks contain 4 grams of fiber in each serving.  Now that could very well be a great excuse to put chocolate milk back into rotation.  But how do they taste?  Amazing!  And Soy Slender Vanilla is awesome on cereal or in oatmeal.  Whichever flavor you choose to enjoy, you'll love these fiber-licious beverages.


House Foods Shirataki Noodles:

You know we're always pushing these tofu and yam-based noodles as a pasta swap because they're soooo low in calories (40 for a whole bag!).  But did you know they're also packed with fiber?  Each pouch has 4 grams of the stuff.  Yee-haa!


** The Organic Fiber Bar

**HG'S SUPER-DUPER FIBER WINNER! If you're looking for a yummy natural bar with tons of fiber, here it is!  Living up to its name, the Organic Fiber Bar manages to stuff 14 grams of fiber into every delicious bar.  The best of all the flavors (in our opinion) is the Awesome Apple.  It's like a healthy fiberlicious piece of apple pie --except it only has 160 calories and 3.5g of fat.



Fruits, veggies & legumes are the fiber sources that are best for you.  Nutrition experts agree that fiber that comes from foods found in nature is better for you than processed foods that contain the stuff.  So toss 1/2 cup of chickpeas onto your salad and add 7 grams of fiber.  Eat a cup of strawberries and get 3 grams. How 'bout some broccoli?  Each cup has 2 grams.  And a single cup of raspberries packs in 9 grams.  The bottom line is, if you eat your 5 daily servings of fruits and vegetables a day, no matter which fruits or veggies you choose, you'll likely be taking in a fair amount of fiber.


As you may already know, October is National Apple Month.  Apples are good sources of fiber.  Each one contains about 3 grams of the stuff!
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