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Now On!
Now On!
Breaking Noodle News...

We've recently gotten word that House Foods' elusive Tofu Shirataki Noodles are now available online at  Unless you live under a rock, you know that these noodles are one of HG's most favorite finds EVER.  That's 'cuz they enable pasta-lovers to get their pasta fix for just 40 calories a bag (plus they have fiber, hardly any fat, and they ROCK). Available at select Whole Foods locations and some supermarkets, people have been having MAJOR trouble finding these noodles in stores. Now, they're on Amazon!  Just wanted to spread the AWESOME news. Tell your's a noodle-tastic day!

Weight Watchers Online Expands Content Offerings

Whether or not you follow their eating plan(s), Weight Watchers Online is one of the greatest (possibly THE greatest) places on the web for food info, recipes, and exchanging great weight loss information with tons of other people. This fall, their content is getting even better. Double "W" has enlisted the help of food experts to expand their offerings, with new columns like "Everyday Gourmet," "Good Enough to Read" and "What's Cooking." They've even got a monthly "Hot Dish" feature which is a roundup of foods, gadgets and tips.  All good stuff and worth checking's definitely Hungry Girl-approved!
What's Cookin' on the WWW for WW?
What's Cookin' on the WWW for WW?
Mealtime Mix-Up
Mealtime Mix-Up
Fast Food Fans Calorie-Confused?!

In a very interesting study called "The McSubway Project", researchers learned that while people were able to assess the number of calories they were consuming at McDonald's, they grossly underestimated how many they were taking in at Subway.  Recently 300 restaurant-goers were approached and questioned as they finished their lunches.  The subjects were asked what they'd eaten and how many calories they thought they'd had. The McDonald's diners were shockingly accurate in their guesses (they estimated an average of 670 calories when they actually consumed 710).  However, the Subway lunchers thought they only took in 335 calories, when, on average, they sucked down 560.  Guess that means Subway is doing a pretty awesome job marketing themselves as "healthy."  It also means you should check the nutritionals of your Subway items carefully, 'cuz, like the people in the study, you may be underestimating how many calories you're consuming there.
The Buzz...

***Birds Eye is test marketing a new Steam & Serve line.  Their veggies 'n sauce faves will come in trays that can go from the microwave to the table (or your office desk) in minutes. And there are no more messy bags to deal with!  Weeeee!  ***A new study shows that people who lose 10% (or more) of their body weight are less likely to gain those pounds back if they weigh themselves daily.  After a year and a half, 61% of weight-losers who weighed themselves daily kept their weight off, while only 32% of the people who didn't weigh themselves regularly were able to keep the pounds away. Doesn't sound so fun, but it might be worth it to hop on that scale every day! ***Another interesting new study shows that people who listen to music while they exercise are more likely to stick to their workout plans and lose fat. Make that iPod your new best friend and jam off those pounds! That's all we've got. HG out!
Cutting Edge Veg!
Cutting Edge Veg!
Hey! Today is National Bologna Day. Have a bologna party with Oscar Mayer's fat free kind. Yeee-haaa!
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